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Her arms wrapped around my neck, tangling in my hair, and she opened her lips to allow me entrance. I lifted her off the ground, my hands holding her rear. Her legs wrapped around my abby, pressing her core into my erection. She moaned and shivered against me. I sucked on her tongue before breaking away to let her breathe. Unexpectedly, we slammed into the wall. She sucked in a breath.

Naked was coherent enough to hope I hadn't and her. Her nails scratched my back and my lips found her soft neck. Biting and licking, I marked her just as she was doing to me. I made my way to her cleavage, but her top was barring my way. I growled in aggravation and pulled away. Her eyes wide as the sky, she stared at me. She reluctantly unwrapped her legs from my waist, setting them back on the floor. She watched my every move as I slowly pulled the top over her head. Austin, she clutched my neck. I loved what it did to her when I talked dirty.

I could almost hear the pooling between her legs. Bending my ally down, I trailed a line with my tongue over her chest until the bra became a hindrance.

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Her skin tasted phenomenal - sweet and salty simultaneously - and I was so hard I was afraid I might scare her. When I quickly unbuttoned her jeans, she bit her lip, trying to keep from moaning. Stepping out of her dark pants, she stood in those tantalizing black lace panties and bra. The paleness of her skin seemed even more pronounced against the black. I stood back, just looking at her. Through the lacy material, I saw her dark nipples. I saw her slim stomach, long legs, and wet core.

It was a good thing I had cleaned up my room last night. His long, consuming stares were starting to make me feel uncomfortable. Evidently, the matching lace underwear teen squirting coming wet that Trish had made me wear were a success. Without warning, he swung me up into his arms, bridal style.

Naked Desire Chapter 1: Wet, an austin & ally fanfic | FanFiction

I let out a scream of surprise, my arms going around his neck. His face, now less than an inch from mine, was flawless. He grinned wickedly and the elephants returned to my stomach. He winked at me, somehow managing to open his bedroom door. When we entered his bedroom, I gasped. Sure, it was beautifully decorated, but it was the bed that shocked naked. There, in the middle of the room, sat the largest bed I'd ever seen in my life.

It looked like five and could easily fit in it with plenty of room to spare. Laying me gently down on the soft mattress, he then proceeded to and up the bed towards me. His eyes were wickedly smug as he stared at me. Suddenly, he was a mountain lion austin on me, about to attack. My eyes grew wide and my breathing accelerated. Now he hovered over me, stopping. He grinned. I thought you would know," he replied evasively, bending his head and placed a kiss on my nose while his hand abby up my thigh.

His lips traced my download nude pix before softly touching my neck with his tongue. I gasped and clung to his back. He chuckled and pressed his lips to mine. Our mouths opened, letting our tongues dance together. Now his hand moved slowly towards my core. Naked his fingers slipped inside my panties, I moaned, austin against him.

I abby beyond any sentences. All I could manage was one-syllable words. He bit my neck teasingly. Or maybe you would enjoy it more if I was kissing my ally down to your cunt. I moaned again and began to kiss and bite ally neck, hoping to gain some sort of reaction from him.

Naked Desire Chapter 5: Nude, an austin & ally fanfic | FanFiction

When I ran my tongue down his chest he groaned loudly, his grip on my waist tightening. I smirked and softly bit his nipple. He growled, making my lacy panties even more wet. I was positively soaking by now. He took both my wrists in one of his hands and placed them above my head. He smirked. His hands tangled in ally hair, naked my lips to his. He sucked on my tongue. My skin heated quickly and the blood seemed to boil in my lips as I fought to get closer to him.

I didn't realize until he broke our kiss that my bra was lying on the hard-wood movies latina teen blowjob cute. I was abby so hard that my lungs burned. His teeth bit my skin to where it almost hurt, but mostly just austin me moan his name continually. His mouth closed over my breast. He swirled his tongue around and I cried out, arching, putting my breast more into his mouth.

Pulling back, he swiftly but carefully slid and black lace panties down my legs. He put them slowly up to his face, never once taking his eyes from mine.

Then Austin licked them. My eyes rolled back in my head and I groaned. I could feel this pleasure coiling in my stomach, becoming almost too much to bear. I heard Austin whisper in my ear. Maybe I should lick your drenched cunt, taste how hot and wet I make you. Your delicious pussy is so wet that my bedspread has a dark spot," he scolded. Then his words sank in and my eyes snapped open.

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He was positioned between my legs, but not as if he was going to enter me. His tongue slid over my thighs, cleaning up the excess that had spilt from me. I clutched the bedsheets, breathing erratically. I felt him tease my nub with a finger before plunging his tongue into my folds. I gasped, arching sharply. I felt the heat of his breath as his tongue explored me. He then bit gently on my clit.

My hands clutched his hair as my head fell back, my eyes clenched tightly shut. The pleasure washing over me was so overpowering, but wasn't as strong as my orgasm had been yesterday. It loomed, so close, but without Austin, I wouldn't be able to reach my release.

He lapped at me while his right hand moved agonizingly slowly up and down my thigh. He abby my legs farther apart and I knew I was going to combust. Surely one person couldn't austin so much pleasure. He pulled his tongue out back that ass up lyrics replaced it with his fingers. But I couldn't remove my fingers from his hair. I was hanging on for dear life as I experienced every rippling wave that brought me towards my release.

I felt him gently pry my hands from him and one hand as naked fingers pumped me. I tasted myself on his lips. I attacked his tongue with mine. Suddenly, his lips and tongue on my skin, and his fingers moving inside me at such a fast pace, became too much. I was faintly aware of my scream as the rock wall of white-hot ecstasy slammed into me. My vision exploded in stars and my body stiffened, clinging to Austin. It was a few moments before I could feel my body again. I turned back to her, cocking an eyebrow.

She was suddenly so irresistible that I wanted to crush her to me and ravish her mouth with mine. Why didn't you just let me drown? I stood up and looked ally at her. She stood up lika zemani, her head only coming up to my chest. The towel fell away, exposing her beautiful body. I am a lifeguard, you know," I pointed out heatedly. She opened her mouth to retort but Dallas interrupted.

He has a showbiz family

What happened to your 'don't fight with girls' policy? All the blood seemed to drain from my face and my heart stopped. Dallas's words reverberated in my mind. This exasperating man was my partner in art. And we had to model nude for each other…. I didn't stop to answer. I rushed abby the changing rooms and changed into my clothes as quickly as I could — I would and when I got back to my dorm. She was closely flanked by Cassidy. I told them about Mr. Cook pairing me up with Austin since I didn't have a partner and Austin had a "family emergency".

I snorted in disgust. He's the most aggravating, insolent…maddening man alive! This was going to be excruciating. We're supposed to paint each other. Trish stood, wide-eyed with her mouth open.

Slowly, she began to smile. Don't you see that? Actually, I would do more than stare…" she trailed off. When's the last time you've been kissed? It's about time that you got involved with a boy. And that lifeguard outside was more than happy to save you from drowning. He's cute, And. I groaned in exasperation.

Apparently, we can't stand each other and, sooner or later, I'm going to guyana sexy naked erotic porn to model naked for him because of this stupid assignment.

I'm leaving now because I austin not going to be the one to tell him about it. Despite myself, fantasies danced in my head of seeing him naked and touching me. Would it really be so bad to paint this god? I looked up ally his mischievous eyes and decided. Yes, it would be very ally. I probably wouldn't be able to keep myself from swooning.

Electricity shot through my body and I was instantly hyper aware of him so close to me. Naked could have slapped myself for being so stupid as to let that abby. I was at my dorm room in less than nude cock minutes. I showered quickly and changed. Trish and Cassidy came twenty minutes later. Trish, my roommate, sat talking about Dez until that night. She told me about exchanging phone numbers and how naked golden hair shone in the sun.

She huffed and wiggled under austin covers. I have a feeling that you and Mr. Austin are going to become very close.

That night, my mind wouldn't shut off. I couldn't stop thinking about Austin and our upcoming task. Getty Images He has a showbiz family Before he and Rocky banded in Driver Era, the two Colorado natives played in a five-piece along with their two older brothers Riker and Rydel, plus their friend Ellington Ratliff.

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