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Hey, give her a break; she's 54 now, and still shines above women half her age. I'd love to sign on as her pedicurist and foot masseuse. As Lionel Richie once said with the Commodores A cute kid who became a beautiful lady.

It's amazing that her feet look so perfect here I guess age and arthritic issues take their toll on some Beauties Brooke's feet looked better in the 80's and early 90's but from wearing shoes to tight over the years sort of beat up her feet. I don't get it? There's nothing wrong with women with big fat paola saulino nude as long as they are soft and smooth looking.

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Still gorgeous. Still in my Historical fav list. Her poor feet have had a pounding over the years and it shows, but her toenails in this pic are so perfect. Yes even you Paris! Iman looks like she has an extra toe with that bunion.

But you know what? Amy W's doesn't look all that bad compared to the other ones. There are no corns and her toes are even. Ballet flats must be working in her favor. Oprah with all her money that she spends on Louboutin's can't fix her feet?

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Feb 11, 19, Posts Physician. Wow, those are some ugly feet! May 6, 23, Posts Elementary School Teacher. You must log in or sign up to post here. Show Ignored Content. But, if I always have it in the house, I can have a bite when I start to think about it, and it will satisfy my craving. Any type of sugar can send me into a binge, even fruit. But oddly enough, not wine. Me too! Total binger except for wine.

I binge that for other reasons lol.

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If sugar is there, I eventually cave and then why have one piece when you can eat until you feel sick? It always makes me laugh when we see her on tv or somewhere and I look at him…. All the young stars and my husband swoons over Brooke. Probably saw the nothing comes between me and my Calvins commercials! I loved Brooke when I was a kid, and I still have the postcard she sent me after I wrote her a fan letter.

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I think the current beauty trends are more about the cutesy, girly doll faces, ugly Selena Gomez types. Brooke Shields has such a womanly elegance about her. Yep you got it. He has a type, Jennifer Connelly, Liv Tyler, all these older jada pinkett sexy pics. I am blonde, wonder if I should worry, Ha!

I like Brooke, always have. Seems incredibly well adjusted despite that bat shit crazy mother. Dating, I encountered guys who were into petite women. When I met my husband, he kept telling me to stop doing cardio so much and do toning instead. But he was right. I shields counting calories. I try not to eat over calories feet day. Perfect, but attainable. I would dearly love to see this kind of aspirational body become the one we see in magazines again. Heartily agree with both of you.

Definitely agree that this should be the focus. Every other picture is vastly superior. I was just watching her episode of Friends last night. I think she just has a more naturally muscular body than most women. Can I add to your statement? I would love it if we could stop using dangerously underweight actresses as standards of beauty. Brooke looks great! The first brooke is distracting. It looks like she is about to shoot herself in the head because everyone is looking at her crotch!!!

I also think the Hollywood ideal of small framed women is influenced by the often diminutive size of the leading men…. Not a great look. The rest of the photos are really nice. It has nothing to do with weight.