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I'm hitting the gym to improve my tone and maintain it once I get the desired look. I'm not a dude so I can't make any generalizations for them but out of the guys I know or have dated, they love the softness of a woman's curves. Body building on women just never looks right to me. Their boobs shrink into nothingless.

Not a good look….

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That's a good warning, but it is almost impossible to make your glutes too strong. Especially if you have a desk job and your hip flexor muscles are shortened and your glutes are lengthened most of the day. Same with hamstrings, for women.

Most women are naturally quad-dominant, and have underdeveloped hamstrings. This is why so many female basketball players blow their ACLs. BimRock: "I would never want to be Johnny Bravo cut.

Keep going at it with the exercises. It is difficult to build the muscle and take off the fat, but easy to gain the fat back. If you think you went too far, it is very easy to put on the brakes. Because of estrogen, it's not easy for women to get cut anyway.

Oh Hughey, I love when you talk fitness and kinesiology to amateur strip tumblr It is true that most of us are quad-dominant but instead of just focusing on the glutes, I think it's important to strengthen the entire posterior kinetic chain.

I had to give that warning though because some knucklehead out there always tries to take it too far. Thanks krystllyght … hopefully it'll spark some of you ladies into changing ya's, but to fit the topic of discussion of course.

Well I changed mine but I wont be posting a booty pic. I'll leave that up to the other ladies on here. What am I suppose to do take time out during backshots to give thanks to my ancestors for their genetics? I'm ass-challenged so I'll just say I appreciate the appreciation of a flat stomach and good legs. Just add my bubblicious donkey to the list of things I have sacrificed to the twins. Now donkeysha is trying to spread like mustard.

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I had to let go of the thick-in-all-the-right-places figure and I'm now striving for something on the slimmer side.

I refuse to blow up like nitro in this piece! I have to thank my mama she passed cherokee some great genes. LOL, this chart has always confuddled me but in my opinion, mine may be closest to the ass. And my side-cheek pics cherokee dopeness.

I don't know which one I fall under…. I saw that beauty UP close. Oh wait, stand up. The view is better. My plan was to quietly give Buffie props on his post and enjoy the comments…but noooooooo! I wasn't putting you out I was basking in the glory of what is Tush. Cheekie speaks truf and I have photographic evidence of said DonkOff contest…it was ass thing of beauty.

Well, the ASSologist is here! Ain't nothing wrong with a standard issue. It ain't the size of the boat, it's the motion in the ocean. Thanks We Love……. I'll remember that next time I see a donk.

Imma pep talk my with Dr. J said…. Man, you're the idiot but at the same time, some kind of genius. I pretty much agree with all of this post. I appreciate Body skill set but I too have always felt she was overrated. Cherokee d use to built type sloppy I'm not a fan of out of shape, bullet wound looking ss like some black men.

Thing is, Cherokee D did come back as Cherokee D 2. I was the. You should look into that. Buffy is a butta face, always has been, always will be. Plus, I'm pretty sure her ss was created in a lab somewhere by a fairly unskilled scientist. Lastly, "that white girl" seems to be more hips than ss in my humble opinion. I think we're going to have to agree to disagree on that one bruh bruh. Now, Coco's ass is fakery, is their any white girl outside of Kim Kardashian who is kinda white that is famous with a fattie….

Would a white girl be welcomed buffie Hollywodd with a fattie? I'm not sure. I don't even think you have too many mainstream Hollywood actresses with fatties to begin with. I can name adult film stars, but not in the legitimate entertainment business. Jessica Mahima chaudhary nude cumshot is working with something, but it's just a little not my type for me.

She looks like a cat with whiskers. Adonis: Famous AND with a fattie? Not off the top of my head besides a few video vixens, but I wouldnt consider them famous. There are a lot of famous white women with NICE sses. As herbetteroption said, Jessica Biel is one. I think we all rejoiced. Anyway, as far as "nice" ones the list goes on an on. Sistas and Latinas tend to hold the crown on the fattie's when it comes to famous women. At least in my opinion.

Now obviously that means among white folks, but I wasnt impressed. Every time I doubt her she drops a rave glory hole girls in the Garden to show she's still got it…. If you look at the video for She-Wolf, you'll body Shakira more than Beyonce. Beyonce doesn't have a video sexier than that.

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That's just my ass. This is blasphemy. Please don't speak about Beyonce like that around these parts. We believe in all things Beyonce, special thanks to DirecTV and Vizio, for making it possible to see her in 30 second snippets while also watching Sunday Night Football.

Jehovah Jireh. Adonis, pretty soon you're going to get some experience under your belt and realize that 1 never trust a picture of a girl in jeans. Some jeans just don't make a chick look like she has a donk. I tell you right now, Buffie. So you have to be careful, those jeans may be squishing her booty for all dear life.

I'm not sure Adonis… Some pics she has it. Some she dont. Thank you Dr. Thou shalt never ever slander Queen Bey! Plus you're dead on about the jeans thing! I had a Sergio Valente jean skirt the high school that swindled the heck out of teenage boys everywhere. And I was tiny in high school, never made it past But I swear that skirt was mathematically engineered to squeeze every last inch I had back there into a pretty little bubble.

Pretty sure thats what initially caught the attention of my 2nd boyfriend. My Mudd jean skirt on the other hand, exact opposite effect. So i have a question to the fellas:. How is it that bottom heavy sisters equate to "proportionate" and top heavy isn't? I've never understood that. That's like saying that lbs cherokee feathers is lighter than pounds of bricks. Enlighten me please! Bottom heavy doesn't equal proportionate, hour-glass shaped women are considered proportionate. Most men are universally attracted to women who have a hip-to-waist ratio of 0.

Tiggos get love e'eryday, but they're mentioned after the fact … They're like the Scottie Pippen of a woman's body … The azz is and always will be Jordan. That 0. So that may be true. But most heavy bottomed women will not have that ratio… Not if they also have fairly small waists. I always wondered what the deal was with that I used to hear alot from men. The last number was always had me wondering. I think it's more like The hour glass shape is where your bust and hips are around the same measurements give or take a few inches.

Most men are attracted to hips thighs ass so they justify the rest buttafaces, big girls with donks, girls body like the letter "d" etc personally im with adonis i'ma breast man word to Col. Proportioned is body always code for 'she goes to the ass. At least that's how I read it and how I mean it. Can't really work out the top like you can the bottom. I mean unless you're one of those sterile, creepy-looking, female body builders.

TokyoBrown: I honestly think this is a "black guy" thing. I have plenty of white homeboys who could really care less about what a girl is packing on the bottom half as long as the top kobe tai gallery is nice. My black friends tend to be the exact opposite. Before everyone started looking like everyone — it was typical to expect if you dated a white woman she'd have big breasts and small butt and if you dated a black woman she'd have a big butt and small breasts.

Then KFC started putting hormones in their nude pics of natasha and the game got all messed up. Proportionate, by it's very definition, simply applies that things go relatively together. In practice, however, it usually means that a woman has one or more assets that you can appreciate. Be it breasts or ss, if you like it, you love it. One man's phat is another man's flat….

I will say this…regardless of a man's "preferences" you have to keep in mind that a lot of men will still bump uglies with a girl that isnt anywhere near his category of preference. It's sort of like saying "I want a Porsche" but if it's hot outside and he needs a ride, he'll still take the Pinto if that's the only cherokee. You're right duh!

I just want to let the record state that WIM isnt burying his face in any woman's ss. I might bury some other things. I might even walk around with buffie handful of it cupped all the time like a child with a blanket…. Also, I'm not really a T or an A guy.

Regardless of what you're working with, I like things to look nice. A mouthful of boob will do in some cases. The handful off ss in others. Double Pause. Sometimes if you're stacked enough on one end, I can over look your short comings on the other colin morgan nude. WIM is an equal opportunity employer. Interested parties can apply within. Hold it like a blankie though? You killed me with that one! Tokyo, it's rather funny, but I think most guys would say that porportioned is closer to a coke bottle than an hour glass.

Good breast are not built on size, they are built on n!

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I think all men are honestly. But for some black men it's a deal breaker, not sure about other races of men. Thanks x 5 Sad x 2. Thanks x 4. So as a man, you like a man with a big booty???

That's interesting. Big butts seem feminine to me. Mar 8, They do but that's how most not all, black females are built. Add to Playlist. Share from:. Video Size x x x x Related Newest Ebony Pornstar Videos. View More Videos. Comments Iluvporn72a-ph 1 years ago. Ilovebigbooty 6 years ago. I love their big asses.

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