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And almost self-reflexively, Christina wills women to roar along with her in the last third of the album, which crescendos with three huge, showy ballads let's not pretend these songs are musically flawless by any means.

It's worth remembering that self-esteem, not just beauty related, affects 78 percent of women, who say they feel pressure to never make mistakes or show weakness. Now, obviously Stripped is not the solution to all women's problems.

15 Years After Christina Aguilera's ‘Stripped,’ We’re Still Nowhere Near Gender Equality - VICE

It had blind spots of its own, most glaringly around race. But Christina a white-passing person of mixed heritage fits those standards pretty well. So well that she and her stylists felt confident to borrow from black culture—in particular bandanas, braids and slick baby hairs—to parlay her rebellion. It's gross. But note her tourmate Justin Timberlake had been doing the exact same thing with a fedora plopped on top. In a way, Stripped doesn't teach us much that's new. It relays messages that feminists of various stripes have been trying to shout about for decades.

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But if the record, 15 years on, still gives any woman the confidence to speak up and be heard, to take charge of her sexuality and ownership of her body, or even just sing along loud enough to amplify its messages, then more power to it, and more power to Christina's ridiculous voice.

She started the album by asking girls to shout out loud, but she also leads by example. It's about time the world follows.

You can find Sophie on Twitter. InAguilera told Company about her attraction to women. Anyone else admire her for being open and honest?

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Aguilera also told Company that sex is powerfulespecially for her. When it comes to a stress reliever, Aguilera looks to sexas she told Maxim in As she gets older, sex is something Aguilera embraces even more.

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Get it, Christina. Images: Giphy 7. For the rest of the look we used a beautiful gold color to highlight her cheek bones and used a peachy lip stick to finish. Such a fun look! Apr 26, 2.

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Apr 27, 3. Apr 27, 4. Apr 27, 5. Apr 27, 6. This is me at her dress:. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content.