Cici rhodes hardtied

PD’s B&B Hardtied Cici Rhodes Whi, Hood – Faper Place

The next rig PD makes is even more elaborate. Busty fishnet porn begins lying face down on the mattress but he can pull the strings to reposition her. He can put her ass into the air, spread her legs out wide, or even nearly suspend her over the bed. However he feels is the best way to violate her, he is able to make it happen.

He blasts her cunt with dildos until she is so worn out she nearly passes out while still in the bondage. Tags: Cici RhodesCloth Gag.

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Cici Rhodes is going to have a good day. PD is feeling particularly sadistic at the moment and he plans to have as much fun as possible with this girl while he has her in his clutches. The fun starts with a painful predicament. Weights are hung from her tits and her arms and legs are secured to a wooden frame. When he slides the spike board under her ass things get even worse for her.

The ring gag in her mouth keeps her from clinching her teeth to bear the pain.

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The more she screams the more the open hole lets her spit dribble down her body. She tries talking through it but all that comes itssmelii snapchat is nonsense. Laying down looked like it would be easier but it just gave PD better access to her most sensitive places.

He pushes his dick inside of this dirty fuck sluts mouth until his balls press against her face and she seems to have taken as much as she can. Her nipples are red from the clamps that have been applying steady pressure to the sensitive area.

CiCi Rhodes in "Extreme Bdsm Pleasuring", HD / From: Hard Tied

The belt, whips and vibrators are all just the warm up to the shocking surprise she gets next. Insex on Demand has this and many more scenes of this broken in submissive that you'll want to see too.

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