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I know it would take a lot of effort to do it and if you did it probably wouldn't be implemented for a LONG time but do you think there's even a slim possibility where you implement the option to become the "Whitney" of the school.

What I mean by this is you have the option to go around harassing and raping girls or boys and just general bullying. This could either be toggleable like the fetishes or something could happen early game nude photos of taylor lautner set you on the path to being a bully.

Something like joining in with degrees bullying of another orphan would set you on a "dom" path or ignoring the bullying would take you outside to the first event of the game where someone attempts to rape you, setting you on the "Sub" path. I admit it's probably a pipe dream but either way keep up the excellent work. Goblin Slayer said:. Vrelnir Any plans on adding pregnacy?

PS just found your game lewdity days ago i usually skip "text based" tag on the site, but your game is great. Game YxelpalestoicArkus86 and 3 others. Sep 24, Vrelnir said:. Thanks for the feedback. There's a small chance the bear tracks lead to an actual bear, assuming it's working right.

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I know fixing your belt is a bit clumsy and plan to improve it. Repairing the belt will still cost money though. Adding a "bully route" like that would take a lot of effort, but it's something I'm thinking about. Thanks for the kind words. Pregnancy is planned. There is a chance the forest scene with Robin will be expanded to include potential wolves.

[HTML] Degrees Of Lewdity [v] [Vrelnir] | F95zone

Reactions: Goblin Slayer. I'mWabbit Member. Feb 10, 83 Does anyone know how to deal with errors like this from the cheat mod? Mar 10, Added new art for missionary sprite olderpussy. Thanks to sseshess.

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Added clothes to the missionary sprite. Thanks to sseshess for much of the art. Added a unique option for angels when assaulted in the temple while praying or watching. Robin will now react to a female PC approaching them topless after school. Written in collaboration with ThatPersonOverThere. NPC orgasms will now take gloryholes into account.

Added flavour to NPC orgasms during general, pillory and wall events. Also thanks to NG. Thanks to slut teacher. Added an arcade to Starfish Street, where you can play games to reduce stress.

Balance Changes Newly acquired miniskirts, large towels, mini kimonos, short school skirts and oversized sweaters are now so short they no longer get in the way of spanking. The brothel showers now have a chance to run out of hot water during busy hours. Reduced the stress reduced by showering at the brothel.

Overdosing on growth pills will now make your breasts and genitals more sensitive. Thanks to Lollipop Scythe.

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Whitney will now strip you, rather than shove you in a locker, should you fail to fight them off during the collar strip event. Bug Fixes Whitney will no longer begin the game with zero dominance. Whitney will no longer try to have the PC abducted without first being met. Fixed a bug causing the cheat for undertop wetness to seem to increase the wetness of underbottoms instead.

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Fixed an error found when witnessing Leighton or Whitney being arrested. Fixed some gender confusion regarding River at the soup kitchen. Fixed a bug causing clothing rebuy to replace school trousers and denim shorts, and occasionally witch dresses and oversized sweaters, with the wrong clothes.

Drying your under top should no longer be described as concealing your genitals. Fixed a bug causing ejaculation text to degrees you being restrained against a wall, despite not being in that position.

Comforting a sniffling orphan will game cause an hour to pass as advertised. Rain will no longer make swimwear wet and transparent. Go to school and find honest work, turn lewdity a life of crime, or sell your body ariel winter porn fakes more carnal ways. You can choose the gender of the people who'll be attracted to you, and fetishes such as tentacles can be toggled off in settings. For more information about this wiki, visit the About page. Edits made on the wiki may have to be approved by a moderator first.

Consistent contributors to the wiki will be able to bypass this. Double Homework Episode 2. Double Homework Episode 1. Lust Epidemic. The Hunter.

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