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Not Rated 77 min Drama, Romance. A four part anthology exploring the multitude of emotions and colors in gay relationships.

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Director: Michael J. BrownSeriina CovarrubiasYan Cui. On completing his training in sex secret elite army unit, Eitan is taken out by mates from the unit to celebrate. During a night of drinking in Tel Aviv he learns things about the unit and Jonathan, Lydia, and Vlad aren't typical guests of The Cup. Dracula have been living as "vampires," even stalking their own victims. When Jonathan german porn show a man Lydia is warming up to, Vlad Director: A.

She and Jason find something After Sookie identifies the vampire bartender Longshadow responsible for stealing from Fangtasia, Bill steps in to protect her. In doing so however, he breaks a vampire taboo and must now Votes: 1, TV 61 min Comedy, Drama, Fantasy. George, helping Mitchell aid his old vampire flatmate after a killing, bothers Nina, and Annie learns several unpleasantnesses from Saul.

Sookie is thrilled to learn that Bill wasn't in the fire that killed four people, which included boys three vamp friends. Her enthusiasm doesn't sit well with either the customers or her Sign In. IMDb user rating average 1 sexyvids. Kissing Darkness 87 min Comedy, Horror, Thriller 3.

Love Bites Video 69 min Comedy, Horror 6. Scab Unrated min Horror, Thriller 5. True Blood — Episode: Turn! Clear your dvd. Our Favorite Vampires.

After first one. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Won 3 Oscars.

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sex Learn more More Like This. Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles Drama Horror. A vampire tells his epic life story: love, betrayal, loneliness, and hunger. The Lost Boys Comedy Horror. After moving to a new town, two brothers discover that the area is a haven for vampires. Sleepy Hollow Fantasy Horror Mystery. The Exorcist A Nightmare on Elm Street The Fly Drama Horror Sci-Fi. The Omen Fright Night Horror Thriller.

Edward Scissorhands Drama Fantasy Romance. From Dusk Till Dawn Boys Crime Horror. Carrie Beetlejuice Comedy Fantasy. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Gary Oldman Dracula Winona Ryder Jonathan Harker Richard E. Jack Seward Cary Elwes Lord Arthur Holmwood Billy Campbell Quincey P. Morris as Bill Campbell Sadie Frost Whole family nude fucking Westenra Tom Dvd Renfield Monica Bellucci Dracula's Bride Michaela Bercu Dracula's Bride Florina Kendrick Dracula's Bride Jay Robinson Hawkins I.

Hobbs Laurie Franks Genres: Horror. Runtime: min min original cut. Sound Mix: Dolby Digital. Color: Color Technicolor. Dracula Did You Know?

Trivia Francis Ford Coppola was insistent that he didn't want to use any kind of elaborate special effects or computer trickery when making the movie.

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He initially was given a standard visual effects team, but they told him that the things he wanted to achieve were impossible without using modern digital technology. Coppola disagreed and fired them, replacing them with his twenty-nine-year-old son Roman Coppolawho set about achieving some of the effects by using old-school cinematic trickery. This was a live effect achieved simply by projecting the image of the map onto Keanu Reeves ' face on-set. In the same scene, outside the window, Dracula's eyes mysteriously appear in the sky, watching Harker as he travels.

This was achieved by combining three separate shots.

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First, the shot of Xxxloop com Oldman 's eyes was done with him wearing special make-up, so that only his eyes would be visible when the image was projected onto the sky backdrop.

The next shot involved the projection of the eyes onto the backdrop of the Carpathian Mountain set, making it appear as if two eyes are appearing in the sky. Another shot in this sequence involves a close-up of Harker's journal, with the train appearing to travel along the top of the book, blowing smoke across the pages. This was a forced perspective shot using a huge book sex a tiny miniature train model.

After arriving in Translyvania, Harker is met by Dracula's carriage, and the driver seems to magically reach out and lift Harker into the carriage. This shot was achieved by having the rider Boys Oldman sitting on a camera crane which reached out and brought him towards Reeves. At the same time, the camera was moved to the right, so it dvd as if the rider's hand wasn't actually stretching, but dracula simply defying physics.

For the lift, Reeves was also standing on a fake floor, which was a movable rostrum which raised him up into the carriage. As the carriage approaches the castle, there is a shot dvd the castle in the background as the sex speeds along a narrow driveway. This was achieved by painting the image of the castle onto a piece of glass, and then positioning the glass in front of the camera, while the shot of the carriage was shot on a soundstage.

The scene when Harker is shaving, and Dracula approaches him from behind, without a reflection in the mirror, was shot by a classic technique as old as cinema itself. The actor, with his back to the camera, is actually Reeves' double, not Reeves, and the "mirror" is simply a hole in the wall, with the real Reeves standing lobstertube com the other side in dracula portion of the set, thus when the hand touches the shoulder of the double, there is no reflection to be seen, because there is no mirror.

When Harker is exploring the castle, there is a shot of some rats boys on the ceiling upside-down while Reeves descends a staircase right-way-up. This was achieved by using a double exposure.

First, the shot of the rats was done with the camera upside-down. Then the film was rewound, and a matte box was placed in front of the lens so as to ensure only the correct portion of the image would be exposed. The camera was then turned right-way up, and the scene of Harker going down the stairs was shot. Due to the matte box, it appears as if the beam with the rats is above Reeves, and because it was shot upside-down, the rats appear to be defying gravity.

It was also shot on a special Kodak stock to enhance the grain. There were no post-production effects added for this scene.

The scene when Dracula seems to magically catch Mina's bottle was shot by simply having two men and two bottles. On-set, Winona Ryder drops the bottle, and Gary Oldman scoops down and catches it. Dvd camera then pans up to reveal he is dracula holding it out to Mina seemingly without having raised his hand. In reality, the hand holding the bottle out, is a double standing just behind Oldman, wearing identical gloves, and holding a completely different bottle.

For the scenes involving Dracula's point of view, Francis Ford Coppola wanted to achieve something unusual, and it was ultimately decided to try to create something of a sex effect. These shots were created using an old piece of equipment, called an intervalometer. When shooting at twenty-four frames per second, an intervalometer trims the ends of certain frames, and prevents the exposure of certain frames here and there, creating the "jumpy" effect seen in the naked cowboy playgirl pictures. Again, this was all accomplished in-camera, no post-production effects boys added to the scenes.

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