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They treated her roughly, slapping her in the face whenever she squealed or struggled. The bitch shaves her pussy. It didn't matter; unfortunately it just made the bastard pawing her crotch all the more aggressive and horny thinking she was hot for him. The guy turned her to face me and our daughter and there it was. A cute little heart shaped pubic patch of light brown hair just north of Jenny's clit and her pouty but now silky smooth pussy lips.

I was startled. Only a couple of days earlier Jenny had had a normal patch of curly fine brown pubic hair covering her genitals.

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I was to learn later that Fanny had been talking her mom into doing something sexy for me. So Jenny had shaved herself down there and was going to surprise me that evening in the bedroom.

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Instead her cute shaved pussy was going to provide entertainment, it appeared, for several other guys. When I awoke it was to two guys literotica Fanny off to another room and seeing Jennifer bent over the back of the sofa with her cute, perky ass being rhythmically rammed by the groin of one of her attackers. He was standing there naked from the waist down and had a huge cock that was pounding away inside of Jennifer's pussy from behind.

Every so often naked guy on donkey drilled his index finger all the way down into what must have cuckold Jenny's anus. Between the pained grunts of his pounding away at her she would cry out in pain as his finger probed her anus. Disgustingly he licked his finger and slid forced back inside Jenny's butt. Now I heard screaming off to my left and I looked. This sudden motion gave me a crushing headache but through the tears in my eyes I saw the guys drag Fanny into one of the other bedrooms.

She was screaming the whole time, but unfortunately our cottage was so remote that someone would have to be right outside to have heard the screams. I thought to myself, "How the hell had they found our place?

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And then followed the rhythmic sound of springs on one of our beds as my daughter's attacker fucked my daughter senseless. Only the sounds of pained grunts and screams from my daughter and the grunts of a man fucking someone roughly came from down the hallway.

The extra guy came out of the room and disappeared elsewhere in the cottage. It was with horror I finally heard the guy call out, "Oh, yeah, bitch. I'm cumming, bitch. Take that bitch. I knew she arab litel teen porn sex clip had boyfriends and we assumed that they had fooled around like her mother and I had done, but this was horrifically different.

A loud smack followed and then, "Don't fucking move or we'll kill your old man and old lady!! By the way the bitch is like her momma; she's shaved but she's completely bald literotica there.

It's sexy as all fuckin' hell. When their breathing became normal, he lifted himself off of her. She pulled him up forced greedily sucked his slimy soft cock. When she finished, he got of the bed and started getting dressed.

My wife scooted to the edge of the bed in front of me and held her legs open, saying, "Before you go. Watch my husband lick your cum out of my pussy. Remember, I whispered, 'He'll eat my pussy, after you fuck me. I glanced at him.

He was smiling, getting dressed and watching me. I looked at my wife, pleadingly. Clean his cum out of my pussy. Her hands literotica to my head and I heard her moan as I got into it. As she had an orgasm, I heard the room door open and close. After her orgasm, I bathed her and took her home for an all night cuckold session.

I am not allowed to fuck her where she cuckolds me. We have to go home and she literally wants me to fuck her all night. I know she fucks other men. She always has me eat her pussy after she has.

I only have to be kimber james kitchen as she fucks someone, cuckold few months. I'm beginning to get used to it. My marriage is fantastic. It's better than it's ever been. The only bad part is her fucking other men and my sessions watching. I have accepted the fact that, I am her Forced. Report Story. Title of your comment:. Please type in the security code You may also listen to a recording of literotica characters. Preview comment. Title forced feedback:. If you would like a response, enter your cuckold address in this box:.

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Send private anonymous feedback to the author click here to post a public comment instead. Send feedback Sending Stories Poems Story Series. Tags Portal Chat Forum. Despite knowing what could follow I struggled to rise up off the couch, but this time the fucker who had just fucked my daughter taunted me, "So Daddy wants to protect little Fanny. It's amazing what a woman will tell you when you've got nine inches buried up her pussy and are working her into an cuckold. The bitch actually shook and quivered while I emptied myself in that sweet, slick pussy of hers.

I was amazed that he hadn't cum yet. But now with the hand that wasn't pressing Jenny's neck down and severely bending over the back of forced couch, he moved from poking her in the butthole and hovered over her nipple. He latched a thumb and index finger over Jenny's left tit and gently pulled her nipple out. She moaned but looked too terrified to do anything else.

At the same time he gripped her fine brown hair tighter. The guy who was giving forced the orders now straddled my legs. His cock was stiffening again and he was pointing it at my face. I want your wife to see you suck me off like a weak cuckold while Darren over there fucks her into forced orgasm literotica your sweet little daughter just had. Can't protect them now, can ya', big man? These weren't cries of pain but of a woman close to having an orgasm. Rhythmic female cries and male grunts ensued and went on for what seemed like forever.

But then I was about to suffer my own embarrassment at the hands of our attackers; my attention was diverted. I felt my head pushed forward and soon the tip of this guy's cock was pushing against my lips. God, it was awful. His cock was huge and after a few hits on the back of my shoulders with that blackjack thing I opened my mouth. I tasted the tart juices of my daughter's pussy plus the salty naked brides tumbler of this guy's cum. Now his hands were on the back of my head and he began to work his large cock into my mouth.

I tried not to gag but he kept working it deeper towards my throat. I choked and felt like I was going to throw up. He walked over to the couch where Darren was steadily fucking Jenny with his huge black dick.

Were all of these guys hung like fucking horses? By now Jenny looked beaten, not struggling any more, her head bobbing back and forth like a rag doll's as Darren thrust cuckold and out from behind her. As Brian approached Jenny with his erect penis Darren quickened his pace so that Jenny cried out.

When she opened her mouth Darren grabbed her beautiful silky brown hair and pulled back roughly. This opened her mouth further. At that moment Brian's thick cock was in her mouth. After getting my pants up, I went to the kitchen. Asparagus or Brussel Sprouts? Everything was back to normal. She talked about her day and asked about mine as we both worked on the meal.

We ate with our usual small talk of doing something together on the weekend. I knew something was still up, when she reached for the wine glasses and asked me to get a bottle. I got queasy again. She walked over and gave me a passionate kiss.

I have something to tell you. She opened, poured and handed me a glass. I wanted to just down the bottle. Did you? I downed half of it as she sipped hers. Smiling, she leaned forward and kissed me before continuing. If literotica stay, you will stay as my cuckold. You may stay or go. I've decided, I like having sex with other men occasionally.

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I've made my choice and now you have a choice to make. Stay as my cuckold or go and be my Ex. I do not want to lose you. But, I am not giving up this sex I love and need. Or, leave. My mind locked up and I was unable to speak. She handed me my glass and I emptied it. Filling my naked kombat porn again, she asked. I'd guess it's a man whose wife fucks around. By definition, 'it's a man who knows his wife has sex with others.

It's a man who knows his wife has cuckold with others, while he does not. I'm saying we will have our marriage. Literotica and all. Only, I will have sex with others, while you will not. You will be my cuckold.

When I returned to the living room, I sighed forced said. I love you and don't want to lose you.

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And, it seems I already am your cuckold. Now, cuckold more talk. And, tonight, when we go to bed. I want you forced make wedding night love to me. That night, we made, slow, sensual, passionate, caring love, all night. And I do cuckold, All Night. We both went to work the next literotica and it was all I could do to make literotica through the day. All I could think about was, why and how did she get this way. That night, I asked her and she told me how.

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