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She whimpered, his big hand between her legs worked her, making her wetter, making the ache in her gut draw tighter and tighter, pushing her toward an orgasm. And orgasm given to her by her Daddy. He picked her up and placed her on her small bed, pulling her white shorts and rose colored panties off.

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Just as quickly he removed his pants and pulled her legs open, lining up his aching cock. Posts Ask me anything Archive. Now you have Daddy with you the rest of the day. NEVER choke a girl — or anyone else — by placing pressure on the front of the throat.

The trachea windpipe at the front of the throat is flexible, yes, but it can also be easily crushed. If you apply too much pressure to the trachea, it will collapse, allowing no air to pass through. The only way to regain the ability to breathe is by an emergency tracheotomy. The proper way to gain control of her with your hand is to wrap your hand around her throat without applying very much pressure at all to the front of the throat. The magic is in your fingers and thumb. As you constrict the blood flow to her brain, that is precisely what will happen.

You may think that all you have to do is cut off her air supply. Think again.

tumblr How Not To Choke Her. All Rights Reserved. Have fun, and be safe friendos! Posts Likes Ask me things Submit cool stuff Archive. It was what was dancing between them as his warm breath tickled the back of her neck. A dance that followed the rhythm of the words being whispered into her ear. Words which had teen haunting her all night, promising her all sorts of sweet delights…. Good girls make sure to keep themselves in shape for their Masters. They know getting worn out fuck being left a sloppy, exhausted gentle is inevitable, but they know they still need to last as long as their endurance allows.

So strip off those sweat clothes and come join me. Posts Questions for the Boss Submit a post Archive. Anonymous asked: 4, 9 and 36? Not exactly the most subtle spot… 9. Anonymous asked: Please and thank you!

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