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In fact, if I had drawn this properly, the spine would be even more bent. The vertebrates will be pushed together and grind against each other, causing irreversible damage over time. I hope this was clear :3 I know some websites suggest hamster wheels or balls for lizards but a lot of websites also suggest keeping them on sand! It really hurts me every time when I see pet rodents having to use terrible running wheels hamster as these examples.

There are so many problems such a wheel can cause, even the death of your pet. Please never use such wheels, you do NOT help your rodent with it. I always peel of the sticker at the front, it looks so ugly with it. You can take of the front of the wheel to easily clean it too. I had wooden wheels too but both of my lovely teddy hamster loved to pee in them while running. Both of them died of old age and are in hamster heaven now They ruined them gif quickly, so I switched to a wheel that I can keep clean easier.

Wheel that, kids, is how I ended up cleaning a large enclosed hamster wheel at one in the morning. On the japanese brother n sister porn.

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In my pyjamas. At one in the morning. That is buying them hamster wheels to run in… First, just let me ask why would you even consider that as an excercise option for birds?????

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Birds fly. They way they walk and run and grip with their toes is completely different to rodents. Even if you monitor them some people leave it in the cage for every day use theres still a high risk of injury. I am deeply concerned. Every time I laugh at something funny in the show, he stops running and stares at me for a long time.

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Hamster wheel standing desk this is gonna be big instructables DIY workout omg. A too small wheel will bend your pets spine unnaturally and cause spinal disformation and a lot of pain comes with it. Accessibility Help.

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