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It slipped through the cum coating Helen's twat lips. Vi raised her palm and sensually licked the juice away, "Why Mommy, what a juicy pussy you have. Vi may sometimes have been a tease, but she wasn't stupid.

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She knew what her Mom wanted and incredibles her smile it was obvious she wanted exactly the same thing. Reaching down Vi ran her finger over Mom's cummy slit "I'll let you eat mine, if you let me eat yours. Wriggling Vi moved into position, guided by her Mom's tongue, until her tasty twat was directly over Helen's mouth. The pussy was already dripping juice, falling into Helen's open mouth and she could taste the sweetness of her daughter, her favourite, refreshing drink. Helen moved her tongue up the hole as Lesbian bent over and spread her Sex legs.

Not wanting to move to far ahead Helen contented herself with gentle laps of pussy as Vi pushed open jerry beads uncut own hole and began to move her tongue lightly round its edge. It felt wonderful to have Vi exploring her whilst at the same time she pleasured her daughter.

Vi felt the same way, squeezing her knees against her Mom's head in excitement. The teen stuck her tongue in a little further, pushing against the walls. Helen quickly replicated the action, she always liked to let Vi lead on their frequent sixty-nines. Another drip of juice dropped from Vi's slit and onto Helen's tongue.

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The Milf savoured the taste as it slid over the tongue and down the back of her throat. Her daughter's pussy was so lovely, like honey waffles in the morning. At first it seemed sex tender, it was like she was clipping it by accident. However Helen knew that Vi wasn't lesbian klutzy, she could be a tease though.

This was sex confirmed as Vi started to concentrate on the clit. Helen quickly lesbian her daughter's bud and returned the favour. The faster one licked incredibles quicker her lover reciprocated. Soon their tongues were hammering like humming bird wings, sending explosive waves of pleasure through both of them. Their bodies quivered and stretched with the orgasmic energy, but whilst there were pauses, neither stopped pleasuring the other.

Her slick pussy squirted out cum. There seemed to be gallons of it, more than Helen could swallow. It coated her face and splashed over her cheeks and forehead to soak the bed and matt her hair.

It couldn't have taken more than a few seconds, but to Helen it felt like many marvellous minutes. She gave a sigh as Vi lifted herself off her. Perching beside her the teen smiled down, "You look like such a whore, soaked in your little girl's cum. She licked away big boobs flopping around sweet juice from her lips and chin.

Slowly she extended her tongue so that it could lick the rest of her face. She didn't stop until she'd lapped up every last drop, leaving her face with a silvery sheen, "I am such a slut. Helen watched in mounting excitement as Vi rummaged through the drawer, would her daughter lesbian a small one, built for speed, or a larger toy, one with ribs or even the one that squirted fake cum.

Helen couldn't help but touch her cunt as she waited, everything else they'd done had been sex appetiser, now was the time for the main course.

Finally, after what seemed eternity, Vi made a choice. She slid it up her thighs and turned so her Mom could admire incredibles ten inch red translucent rod dangling between her legs. Helen purred in lust, "Oh baby, give me your big fucking cock.

Slam my tramp ass. I'm going to fuck you until you're screaming. I'll hammer that hole until you can't take any more. Her throat was dry and she licked her lips and tried to swallow some saliva, "Oh baby Helen did as she was told. She felt the mattress shift as Vi got on the bed. The teen moved closer to her, the toy pushing against one of Helen's cheeks and Vi's small pert titties incredibles against her Mom's naked back.

Helen could feel the young woman's warmth and the movement of her diaphragm as she breathed.

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One of Vi's hands reached incredibles and cupped one of her Mom's tits. She gently fondled it as Helen groaned in lust as her daughter played with the nipple until it was erect. Vi kissed the back of the Milf's neck, "God, you are so sexy, my dirty whore. The feeling was mutual, she never felt so good as when Vi was loving her. She gave another groan as Vi's hand moved from her tit and slid down her stomach to end as her pussy.

Sex teen extended a finger and teasingly moved it round the lips, flicking them back and forth. Helen repeated "Mmmnnnhhh. Do you want my big strap-on in your tight ass? Vi slid on of her legs over the top of Helen's thigh and with her spare hand guided the toy so that its tip was touching the Milf's puckered butt-hole.

She gently pushed, opening the hole and moving the top of the toy in. Helen shuddered in lesbian coolandgreat com lust, her body shaking as the rubber pushed apart her ass walls, "Oh baby, baby, baby, give it me all.

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But she gripped her Mom's stomach and pressed herself forward. Helen gave another moan as more of the cock slid into her. It was a bit sore, but that was nothing compared to the waves of feeling that were unleashed; each inch that went it intensified the pleasure.

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She gave a grunt and pushed her back so hard against Vi she squashed the teen's titties back, "That's it. Feed Mommy sex cock.

Open her dirty back fuckhole. By the time I've finished you'll be so open incredibles could drive a motorbike through your back lesbian. The tip was just tickling the edge of her anal G-spot, lesbian hot flushes to Helen. She gave another moan, "More baby more. Helen felt her daughter slap into her butt-cheeks, the collision sending such a vibration through the Milf that she could feel the bed under her rock.

Incredibles a second it didn't seem to make any difference to her feelings, but as sex anal G-spot realised it was being stimulated free keshia knight pulliam nude pics explosion of pleasure sex through the Milf. Helen breathed deeply, "Aaarrghhh that's it baby. That's the incredibles. The teen's nimble fingers played with her Mom's waist, beating a small, relaxing tattoo against the flesh.

The interlude was brief. Without any warning Vi pulled the cock back and thrust forward again. With the hole opened, it slid down quickly, the rubber brushing strongly against the g-spot buried in the soft walls. Helen screamed again, "Uuurrghh, aaarrgghhh, fuck me, fuck me hard. Her tits bounced against Helen's back, which got sweatier and sweatier. Fucking Judy Hopps edit. Goof-Troop porn.

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