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Phoebe is offered the chance to name one of the triplets. Ross becomes paranoid when Emily goes to London with Susan. Director: Gail Mancuso. Added to Watchlist. Best Friends' episodes. Friends season 4 review.

"Friends" The One with Rachel's New Dress (TV Episode ) - IMDb

Instead of working for her now though, it fails. It fails hard. When attempting a cartwheel, Rachel ends up giving herself a fat lip. Hey, at least she looked great in the uniform before the fat lip and all. Apparently none of the women on Friends wore bras. More power to them, even though it seems a little out of character for both Monica and Rachel.

Phoebe, on the other hand, would totally be braless a lot.

Jennifer Aniston's 16 Hottest Moments On Friends, Ranked

Her character might not even own a bra. We get that one, but we just think Rachel and Monica would wear bras, especially aniston clothing that highlighted their forms. NBC may not do nudity, but apparently they do do nipples. Rachel Green attempting to play football may be the most adorable things in the world. We all know from Jennifer Aniston's real life that she looks great in yoga pants.

Yes, Monica, her best friend, schoolgirl Ross, her boyfriend at the time, both picked other people before her. Did they not see the pigtails?! Poor Rachel Green. At least she looks good while being cast aside. However, Jennifer Aniston somehow managed to look hot while rocking these fashion trends.

In fact, it really suited her. You could also put a brown paper bag on Jennifer Aniston and she'd look hot so there's that. Jennifer Aniston is rocking a turtleneck crop top, plaid miniskirt and knee aniston.

This episode appears way back in season one before Ross and Rachel ever hook up. The outfit is so hot because it is not grossly revealing. This was probably the point in the series when the producers realized how hot Jennifer Aniston was.

This is actually a great lesson for viewers, too. This may jennifer one of the oddest moments that we included on this list but Jennifer Rangiku hentai bleach looks amazing while eating cheesecake off the dirty hallway floor in her apartment jennifer.

While rocking low-cut jeans, Rachel gets on all fours to eat pies off the ground with Chandler. It's hot. This was the point in which Jennifer Aniston started to really tone her body. She, of course, always had an amazing figure schoolgirl you can really see the evolution of her body through the course of the series.

aniston When the series started, she was just 25 jennifer old. A hot body is easy to maintain for a something but gets harder as the years tick on. Jennifer Aniston has made staying in perfect shape look like the indian teen porn thing in the world, even if she eats cheesecake off the ground.

In season one, the guys and girls play a game of poker in which the girls are not great. Phoebe even throws away a schoolgirl because she felt like it looked sad, which that is totally a Phoebe thing to do. The girls enlist help from someone who teaches them to play poker well and surprise the boys the next time they play together.

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While all the girls are schoolgirl opponents, Monica and Phoebe eventually get eliminated, leaving Rachel to hold down the aniston for the women. Hells yeah, Rach! It comes down to just her and Ross schoolgirl poker, she really wants to pic of women naked at home and does — even though Ross totally folded his winning hand to just give it to her. I prefer the mini and knee highs to Aniston's shift and coat ensemble.

Aniston pulled off wearing a T-shirt on the red carpet pretty well when she stepped jennifer in an old band T-shirt to the premiere of Oceans Still, there's nothing better than wearing an oversized sweatshirt all of the day.

After Ross called Emily "Rachel" on the alter, Rachel kind of rebelled against everyone by rocking a red hair wrap. And as soon as I watched that episode it made even aniston miss my old hair wrap which, unfortunately, had to be cut from my hair leaving me with a strand of blonde hair sticking straight out for about a month.

It's a trend that definitely beats the fishtail braid of today. While Jennifer is known for black, Rachel might as well be known for wearing turtlenecks. She practically lived in them.

I love the elegance of pairing a tuxedo jacket or a blazer over a casual outfit to dress it up a little more. Rachel did just that over a pair of overall shorts. Who else could make that work?