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I come from the streets. It's Joseline - added Gif, Memes, and Best: What do she do??? That's the issue. Bitch, Gif, and Love: Idont think its a great idea forme to sit down and talkto this bitch. Bitch, Friends, and Gif: Oreally don't give hernandez fuck at the end of the day because I don't need to be friends with no bitch.

Gif, Gifs, and Joseline Hernandez: Oh Along with the entertainment culture, daytime television has evolved from something that the matriarchs of the gif would solely enjoy to entertainment for the entire family. Joseline networks have realized that to gain the viewership of millennials that choose to work from home and the [young] stay-at-home moms, they have to speak their language.

Since then, the cast has undergone some changes with the departure of Tamar Braxton-Hubert last season.


Producers have since filled in Tamar's chair with revolving guest celebrities ranging from actors, musicians, models and entrepreneurs. She is young, she brings a fresh perspective and is the definition of real.

If you ask us, Joseline deserves a permanent seat at the table. Cardi and Hernandez have had some beef kira nude the past.

Even so, this could be a tactic straight out of the 50 Cent handbook on how to get famous.

The diss track is widely considered an attention grab by 50; a way to get publicity for his debut album by starting up some rap beefs. Meet me 2nite!!

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What do you think? Is Hernandez just reaching for fame? Or is she an actual contender for the top spot? She did that. Cardi B really did that. The rapper from the Bronx strut into court—where she stands accused of assault—in the most extra look possible.

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Check out the full look. But not Cardi. Escorted by her security element and attorney, the rapper made her way into the courtroom with a whole lotta feathers and zero cares. Styled by kollincarter. Thanks x 11 Disagree! Is she protected like bey, rih, Michelle o and Ciara? Thanks x 2 Skeptical x 2 LOL! Thanks x 9 LOL! No dog in this fight for me Thanks x 66 Disagree!

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Joseline looks strung out. Time to quit stupid.

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Thanks x 5 LOL! Shit will break off. Thanks x 5 Disagree! All I heard was nappy headed nope.

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She doing too much. People need to ignore Hazel she worked in PR any attention is a win in her mind. Thanks x 14 WTF!