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Kylie Jenner Poses Super Nude for V Magazine | The Daily Dish

With her onyx hair slicked back, the kylie mama-to-be holds a white sheet over strategic nude of her body. But, we're not quite sure when these steamy photos were taken. The caption says that Kylie was sharing photos "from the past few years. However, this is where our celebrity-hair stalking comes in handy. We knew it would! In this snap, Kylie's hair looks super short. And, bravo latest haircut happened within the past couple of weeks.

While we're mulling over this shoot, we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for more Jenner news surrouding her cosmetics empire, any updates to her hair, and, you know, life stuff. It's just what a dyed-in-the-wool Kylie Jenner fan does these days. I got it from my mama.

Every Nude Photo of the Kardashians - 51 Best Naked Kardashians Pictures

Nothing butt Prada. This nude is from British GQand is probably the most discreet of the images shot. TBT shooting my wmag cover. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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