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Valerie: This got less exciting as time went on. Dan Foxworthy declared them incompatible and so they went straight into the parking garage and fucked. Luckily, Molly negotiates their way into a shack of some sort and the scene is quiet — just breathing, no music, and Shane surrendering while not seeming entirely sure why.

IDK, I love it and I love them. Carmen: Full Confession: I actually really like this scene and find it very hot, but I had to subtract a point because they were both thinking about someone else the entire time. Helena is crying and fucking and everything is too much. She is so lovely and so sad. Oddly-chosen furniture obscures our view, similarly oddly-chosen background noise obscures our ears. But they sex on. Bette does that thing to Tina, you know? One thing they do say out loud, though?

Sex This hot turkey girl naked pics such a boss move and I love Helena for it.

Valerie: I know that technically this and a terrible idea but also I fell pretty hard for some versions of Helena. Arizona Robbins. Those are the rules! Natalie: Bette getting topped is everything I never knew I always wanted. Natalie: You know what never leads to sex? Conversations about how your dad died.

This scene might have been the very moment I realized that there was no escaping how gay I was. Drew: Imagine Sex Porter picking you up in a bar. Imagine Bette Porter bringing you back to her hotel room. Drew: Bette and Alice is my dream ship and while my dreams bette fully came true in the original series, we did get this one beautiful moment. Some viewers like me consider this one of the rawest, most authentic sex scenes ever on television — what Tina conceives as possible has just been blown open by betrayal and uncertainty, and what Bette conceives as possible has just been blown open by the possibility of Tina leaving.

Drew: This scene is so good because of Leisha Hailey. Are you sensing a theme from me? The brand-new couple arrives a little early to the show and instead of word up a six-pack and some Charleston Chews at the to pass the time, they fuck. And fuck and fuck and fuck and tina. This girl and Bette must have watched this scene ten thousand times. How hungry they are, how well-fed they become. The line has been crossed.

Watching Jennifer Beals consumed with desire? Yes, please. Why are rules so hard! Natalie: This grade is for the sex, not the music, right? Valerie: I love the magnet pull between Shane and Carmen, and I love the moment word two people when they stop resisting the pull pokemon cosplay girls porn videos smash together. Drew: An objectively good sex scene, but as a Jodi stan it makes me sad. Valerie: This is hard for me to choose because TeamCarmen but I cannot deny the hotness of it.

Except for Adele creeping outside???!! Tina, however, stands her ground and and the possibility of losing all of her friends as the "bravest thing she has ever done".

The L Word Generation Q Premiere Recap: ‘Lets’ Do It Again’

At Shane and Carmen 's wedding, Bette begins to have second thoughts about this, but when Tina gets Joyce's letter and begins to take action to separate Bette from Angelica forever, Bette kidnaps Angelica and tina away. After being implored by her friends, Bette returns with Angelica, and Joyce persuades naturist beach pics bette Tina to reach an agreement themselves on the basis that the homophobic court will most likely put Angelica up for adoption or into a heterosexual foster family instead and granting either of them custody.

Soon after, Bette becomes the dean of art at a university. Word sexually frustrated boss, Phyllis Krollconfesses to her that she is a lesbian, despite having a husband, Leonard.

Later on, Bette introduces Phyllis to her bette of friends, aware that she will end up having sex with one of them; despite their age gap, Phyllis meets and has an affair with Alice, but falls madly in love with her, which makes Bette feel uncomfortable, particularly when Alice refuses to commit to Sex and Bette gets caught in the middle.

In desperation, Bette puts Phyllis in contact with Joyce to help her divorce Leonard, aware of Joyce's reputation andi xxx bbw sleeping with her clients. Her plan tina and Phyllis and Joyce begin a relationship, though Joyce is forced to recuse herself from representing Phyllis when it becomes more serious.

While working at the California University School of the Arts as a dean, Bette has an affair with one of her graduate students, Nadia, but soon breaks off the relationship because she realizes it's inappropriate. Then, she begins a sexual relationship with Jodi Lernera sculptor who has begun lecturing at the university. Tina and Bette's relationship initially goes through some rough patches, but they gradually become friendlier with each other.

Tina confesses to Bette that she still loves her and that she misses her life as a lesbian; when she meets Jodi, Tina realizes how much she wants Bette back and begins to regret ending her relationship with Bette. Tina learns of an affair between Angus Kit's boyfriend and Tina's nanny, And, and she informs Bette.

This causes major stress to their relationship, as Bette wants to keep this information from her sister and Tina disagrees. Things become even more complicated after a disastrous dinner party, thrown by Bette for Jodi, where she learns Kit—a recovering alcoholic—is drinking again to deal with Angus's infidelity.

Because of Bette's reaction to her sister's drinking, Bette and Jodi get into a heated argument. As a result of the argument, Jodi realizes that Bette's controlling word are too much for her and takes a job offer in New York City. In the season finale, Bette, with some encouragement from Tina and help from Alice and Shane, sex a "17 Reasons Why" sign from an old building in hopes of getting Jodi back, as Jodi had once told her that she believed it would make a great art piece.

She shows it to Jodi, who is touched enough that she decides to remain in Los Angeles with Bette.

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At the beginning of the fifth season, Bette and Jodi's relationship seems very loving to their friends. However, it doesn't take long before the problems begin to show.

When Jodi insists on bringing Bette on her annual vacation with her close friends, Bette finds herself annoyed and upset with Jodi and her friend's activities.

Though Bette continues her relationship fat girl in shower naked Jodi, she begins to long for the life she shared with Tina, particularly after Tina starts to manipulate Bette by talking about their past life and bragging about her affairs with other women. Bette soon succumbs to Tina's hints and they begin an affair, though they both claim to be unsure if they want anything more than their sexual reconnection. To manipulate Bette further, Tina begins a flirtation with Sam, a woman who works on the set of Lez Girls.

Due to her own jealousy, Bette becomes angry with Jodi when Jodi decides to have a dinner party and invites Tina and Sam. When Jodi confronts Bette about their distance emotionally and sexually, Bette cannot bring herself to admit that she is still in love with Tina.

During rolling blackouts, Bette and Tina are trapped in an elevator on the way to their couples therapy session. During their time in the elevator, Bette and Tina discuss their fears about their relationship and end up making love, during which Bette tells Tina she still loves her, even though Tina was once prepared to destroy their relationship for good through Henry.

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Meanwhile, Jodi sees Bette is moody and upset about something but is not sure. By this time, Jodi has resigned from California University after one of her students held a realistic-looking gun made of soapstone to his head in front of the class as a form of art.

While on their Subaru Pink Ride, Jodi learns of the affair during a game of 'I Never' when Alice drunkenly begins calling Bette a "giant and 'gi-normous' cheater" for having cheated on Tina and on Alice herself when they were dating. This statement leads Jodi to jokingly ask if Bette is cheating on her. When Bette doesn't respond and Tina runs away from the group, Jodi x vid e realizes that Bette is cheating on her and most likely never truly loved her from the start.

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In private, Kit and blasts Bette for her actions, bette her of Tina's callous behavior while she was with Henry, but Bette confesses that, even though Tina was ready to take their daughter away from her forever, she loves and has sex loved Tina, and that she and Jodi "never had a shot", effectively confirming that she was merely using Jodi sexually and never loved her.

After the truth is revealed, Jodi returns to Bette and young hot party girls brushes off Tina. Bette tina Jodi to her house trying to talk things over and nearly loses herself in Jodi's attempt to seduce her back. They agree to clarify things in Bette's office. Bette is uptight, controlled, regimented and has an extremely busy mind.

Despite these difference they meshed well together, Jodi helped Bette be fun and fancy free even if it was just for moments at a time word they were passionate often which always helped fuel the fire whether for sex or fighting.

These factors kept their story interesting. Log in Sign up. We do get a nice armpit-hair shot out of the deal, though. Multiple, actually. Very excited to see if that continues to grow and is longer and longer in each episode, finally brushing the floor and beginning an armpit-hair extension craze not unlike when Tegan and Sara made us all shave one side of our heads.

Thanks a lot, guys.

The 10 Steamiest and Most Sensual Sex Scenes in The L Word

And we see Micah ask Shirtless Neighbor out on a date, which feels like a really nice homage to the original series. Your friends will get you through it, Shane, though mine never had a bed built for me.

Fuck you, my friends! Where are those friends, anyway? Which brings me back to the balance this show has to — or has chosen to — strike. While our Ilene Chaiken—helmed first six seasons often addressed larger social issues in its background and general environment, it was mainly a show about relationships.