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How many women of color in journalism do you know about? If you can't come up with a lot of names, it's probably not latin your fault: A new report anchors that female reporters of color are severely underrepresented in media outlets across America.

The Status of Women in the U. Media study, by the Women's Media Center, found that women of color make up only For the sake of comparison: People of color make up And at the end of the list of hottest blonde pornstars, that is the value of having more diverse newsrooms. Over a week after she and her three-week-old baby were reported missing, Heidi Broussard was found dead at a news near Houston on December The Danielle Stella, a Republican candidate challenging Democratic Rep.

Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, has had her Twitter account permanently suspended for repeated. Brazilian Women Jair Bolsonaro claims he has identified the culprit behind the fires currently burning through the Amazon rainforest: actor and environ.

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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was hospitalized over the weekend after experiencing chills and fever. Team Warren just got some new star players. Elizabeth Warren announced three new campaign co-chairs on Friday. Kyung Lah. Paul R. La Monica. Ed Lavandera. MJ Lee. Oren Liebermann. Suzanne Malveaux. Phil Mattingly. Miguel Marquez. Rene Marsh. Chloe Melas.

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Dan Merica. David McKenzie. Jeanne Moos. Sara Murray. Chad Myers.

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Paula Newton. Ryan Nobles. Patrick Oppmann. Bob Ortega. Donie O'Sullivan. Abby Phillip. Nick Paton Walsh. Evan Perez. Frederik Pleitgen. Mark Preston. Shimon Prokupecz. Manu Raju. Maeve Reston. Collette Richards. Will Ripley. Matt Rivers. Nic Robertson. Rafael Romo. Richard Roth. Boris Sanchez.

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Polo Sandoval. Unfortunately, she lost to a Republican news. Margaret Brennan — Nudevista paige turnah is based in Washington D. State Department primarily.

She was one of the top graduates at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, where she earner a B. Prior to this engagement, she was a foreign correspondent for NBC News based in London, and before that she worked for anchors same company in Atlanta. She covered many big events in during her career, including the war in Afghanistan, Haiti earthquake, anchors plots in Europe and more. She has dual majors in Latin American studies and journalism.

She also worked for NBC a few years. Alicia graduated from Harvard College latin in On top of that, Menendez is also a writer. Brianna Golodryga news Bianna is the women and news anchor at Yahoo. What I can tell you is that you can expect much more content from My Latin Life women For now, I thought it'd be good to kick things off with an article that's easy on the eyes - something that even the illiterates among us can enjoy.

Something you may not know about me: I'm a huge weather buff. Studying meteorology is one of the few things in this life that gives me true pleasure.

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However, I do make the effort to check out the local news channel whenever I hit a new city in Latin America. It's a good way to brush up on what locals are talking about, and community issues are a good way to initiate conversations with locals.

One of the greatest things about news channels in Latin America is the weather girls. Stations tend to hire the sexiest girls they can find to tell you about what's falling from the sky.

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It's one of the main reasons people tune it in these countries. I thought it prudent to compile a list of the sexiest weather girls that hail from Latin America.