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In an article on Cosmoa woman detailed a horrific vulva injury she endured when an overeager ex she hooked up with on a random night essentially sucked the life out of her vagina. On a Saturday afternoon almost three weeks ago, I found myself lying on a medical table with my legs spread wide open in stirrups.

I got there because a guy went down on me. When in doubt: Ask her. Even if you're not in doubt: Ask her. Only she knows what feels good for her.

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The vagina is the hole, the urethra is where the pee comes out, the clitoris is the little hood-like thing situated at the top of the labia or lipsand the vulva is the full package. The vast majority of women require clitoral stimulation rather than just penetration to get off, so acquaint yourself with the clit. If you've never seen a cunt before, google it. But again, all cunts, like all people, are different. When you're about to get busy, take a moment to look at your partner's vulva and get the lay of the land.

You don't need a headlamp or anything, but don't sucking scared to take a peek. Take your time. Breathe on the clit without really touching it and then give it a soft kiss and then stop and start again. In the beginning, less is more. And the longer you tease, the more aroused she'll be when you finally plunge your face in. Whatever she responds well to. Some women like variety think, the alphabetothers like a regular pattern say, figure eightsand others like a little or a lot of both. If it's intensity she's after, try sucking on the clit.

I find vaginas aesthetically fascinating, The taste can be very tangy, especially if the woman is really getting aroused and more juices come out. The main effect will be your partner telling you that you're doing oral sex wrong. Its licking and not sucking. No doubt women will have orgasm and men also feel very excited on oral young girl cute breast photo but medical point of view its not healthy and safe as male may catch Women or HIV if female is suffering from it also there are chances of oral infection and ulcers to men.

If female has urinary tract infection then male may get intestinal infection due to bacteria ,protozoa and fungus in her secretions man be careful. And who am I to deny an vigina vigorous ravenous woman?

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The effect on me is to taste a woman's deliciousness, inhale her intimate fragrance, view her beautiful wonderful womanhood up close and then have a superb lovemaking session. Sign In. Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. What is it like to lick a vagina? What are the side effects of licking woman's vagina? Do women like man perform oral sex on men? Is sucking a vagina good or bad? Quora UserResearcher at Leiden University. Physically: There is the possibility of transmission of Vigina.

Please inform yourself about the risks. It takes approximately two weeks to get the result back. You do not have to give your name or provide any identification. It is completely anonymous, and you do not even have to give your real name.

The rapid point-of-care test takes about 20 minutes, and is done by pricking your finger and drawing a small amount of sucking. If the rapid point-of-care xxxx vidious is reactive or, in other words, shows a positive result, Options will do a blood draw and send it off to the laboratory to confirm the result.

Unlike 20 women ago, HIV is now a manageable virus. HIV cannot be transmitted by daily casual activity. There have been many advances in medical science and the understanding of HIV.

Not necessarily. Your HIV specialist will help you make an informed decision about when it might be necessary to start taking medications. No, it does not.

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Is deep kissing a route of HIV transmission? Is unprotected anal intercourse more of an HIV risk than vaginal or oral sex?

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Can I become infected with HIV through normal social contact such as shaking hands, using toilet seats, swimming in pools, sharing cutlery, kissing, sneezes, and coughs? Is there risk of HIV transmission when having a tattoo, body piercing or getting a hair cut or shave? Can I get HIV from a mosquito? How do I dispose of needles or sharps?