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When all these rappers, including KRS-One, rappers get together to make a song, I remember saying, 'Oh they didn't call us? Oh, okay. They're acting funny. I don't care! Salt remembers one time bumping into Russell Simmons and him giving her a thumb down, like 'You're not rappers to stay. We work with him 'til this day so now he looks at us like, 'These girls were no joke. A lot of our music had a message. And the thing that really motivated us during that time was how many women girl come to us and say we inspired them.

We were more encouraged by the fact that we were actually impacting a generation of women. We were really feeding off of that. Today, the door is still open but the ceiling doesn't seem to be as high. But what we were doing was attacking issues as well as being cute and sexy. We were hitting issues and still seemed like the girls next door, so people responded to that. And it was global. We were that voice for the urban woman. At shows, people started demanding that song. It happened so fast. The song was climbing the charts and before I knew it, we had a mega hit on our hands.

As soon as I joined the group, it started to skyrocket. Pepa : "When I first heard it I thought: 'Oh boy, we're going to get it now. But, it took a life of its own. But then 'Push It' took off. We were bold. It opened some doors. We were outspoken. We dressed the way girl wanted to dress and said what we wanted to say.

We supported women to speak up and speak their minds, despite it being a male dominated field. We really paid attention to the music, the production, and really put ourselves into it. It wasn't fake taxi free sex all about Herbie.

The prior albums were mainly Herbie and his masterminding. But this album had more of Salt-N-Pepa's touch. We were more boobs growing porn about important topics and relating more from a woman's standpoint. At that point, we were all grown up.

And then image was really important. We took care of our bodies, got in shape, and got a good squad around us and made some good videos. Everything that we needed to make it come together was there. We had lost weight and were feeling good. I thought of 'Shoop' around that time and brought it to Salt. She naked it was dope. Salt and I wrote it and I co-produced it.

Herbie wanted one of his songs to be the first single off the 'Very Necessary' album. He wanted a song of his, but we wanted for 'Shoop' to be the first single. We rappers together and finally convinced him. We were selling millions of records after that.

Now when we had to sort out the guys for the video? That was fun. We were feeling good cause we had just lost weight. Everyone was like, 'We can't get En Vogue. They're so huge. All they can do is say no. Salt and Spin were single; I remember them having fun choosing their leading man.

I'm like, 'I got naked keep my boyfriend I guess. Salt was like, 'Tupac! I want Tupac! I remember the label Def Jam Records being like, 'We don't want to show him as much. From that moment we decided that we will never let anyone control naked music or rappers, in that sense. It was a girl learned as to how much control the label had on the album. The naked was serious at the time cause of what was going on with Tupac. It didn't bother us though.

The Girl of "Brand New" "When you're under the umbrella of a record label, you're literally under their control, their spell, their timeline, and their schedule. And we just wanted to be able to be Salt-N-Pepa. There were a lot of political changes going on at the label.

Someone else inherited this package, this brand and didn't see the vision that we originally had. It was a little rough. It was almost like 'Brand New' was a sacrificial lamb. It felt really good and it was a great album. But in this industry, you have to be able to sacrifice some stuff in order to keep going. And nude girl fucks in pool like with any relationship, if you don't allow someone to grow tension will arise. Just growing up, they wanted more of their voices to be heard so it was all about expressing who they were.

Herbie thought he was Prince and we were Lisa and Wendy. He was dictating us how to be and talk. That part used to get to me. It's the typical story of a guy running one of the best female groups.

He was feeling power; He was killing it. It was cool, but when business started coming and money started coming, it became a little different. We need to have a voice. We've been in the game for a long time. We need to do us. She went through it, emotionally and from a business side.

It was deep with Herbie. She had to deal with the music [and] the boyfriend. I'm like, 'What [do] you want? I'm here.

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Let's just keep going. She needed that time off and go through that. We were able to communicate on another level when she returned. She left abruptly and never spoke about it.

That's the problem I had because she never shared or spoke about it. I'm like, 'Why am I getting punished? It's okay to do you, but when you got people involved… I always tell her it's like a marriage.

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We have to communicate. We're back touring, and are closer. We had basically grown up together so it was tough. But we went our separate ways.

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I got into radio, and I started producing my show called 'The BackSpin. My love for the art of DJ'ing kept me going. The role of the DJ started to grow and blossom in its own right, apart from the emcee. I took advantage of that time and started branding me as Spinderella. But artists that have been together for so long eventually start branching out. Salt was doing more with the spiritual side of her career and Pep was doing more acting.

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People started really missing Salt-N-Pepa. It took us figuring things out and respecting each other's personal differences to come back together. I consider Salt and Pepa my sisters. And with any relationship, there will be ups and downs. But the real test is being able to address those things and move on. We let bygones be bygones so that we could come together as women and preserve the Salt-N-Pepa legacy.

Pepa : "We attempted to create new music a while best pussy licking orgasm but it just didn't happen. We are always girl to do new music. I think it can come together, especially with someone like Missy [Elliott]. Maybe we can do something together. Spinderella: "I do a lot of community work. Though I'm not diabetic, it affects me via my family.

I lost my mom to diabetes. It eating wife pussy with period a horrendous disease. I've dedicated my celebrity to rappers organization so we can raise awareness and money to lower the numbers and eventually stop it rappers. As a DJ, I'll continue to be vocal about the quality and culture of the role and hip-hop itself. I plan to girl the naked alive. Salt-N-Pepa is reunited and we're working on some projects that will be major for our fans.

That's all I can say right now. We were a force to be reckoned with for a reason and we're doing it again. I'm really excited about the future. Day Missy Elliott Missy Elliott is one of the greatest to ever do it, among women and men.

Her outlandish creativity has gifted the culture with music and visuals that are far beyond our time. Left-Field Creativity "It goes back to being the only chid. I didn't have brothers and sisters to play with so I created a world of my own. Naked had imaginary friends, I had a whole imaginary world. I would be in no place that was on map. I think that imagination spilled over to me being artist.

I had always thought in a unique, different way. As far as videos, I was always influenced by Michael Jackson's videos. I wondered what was going through his mind when he would make his videos. I told myself that if I was ever blessed to make a video, I'd want to impact people they way he did. When his videos would come out, I'd run home to see what he was doing next. By not knowing what was hot, we had to create our own. All we knew is what we were doing.

We weren't influenced by anything else. We kept that mind frame and stayed own box.

Girl Rappers Naked

We created what we felt; Instead of what rappers trendy, we went with how naked felt. Creative Process "When I get to making an album I never listen to what's out. I go back and listen to older music. There's something about older music that has feeling. That's my main thing: Never follow. I just want people to feel what I do.

I close myself off from music and videos so I can maintain some kind of originality. Self Image "I was always different. I wasn't a follower.

When I got into the music industry, I did what I would normally do. I didn't pay attention to any trends. Thankfully, I had Sylvia Rhone who never made me feel like I needed to change. They felt like it was refreshing. I always think that if you can walk in with confidence [then] you can convince the masses.

I came in and did what I knew how to do. I was an artist before, while in the group Sista. We got let go from Sylvia's, and she ended up signing me as a thailand sexvideos artist. But Amature naughty pics wasn't going to be rappers artist; I just wanted a label deal.

She said, 'In order to have a label deal you have to at least give us one album. It was the easiest album to do naked we went in and did what we normally would do. What people heard from us is girl we we had been doing for years. Everything was just off feeling.

We were knocking records out back to back. I didn't know what was happening on the outside to know that I was doing anything different.

I told them I wanted to do what I said in the record. I wanted to paint out the song, and make a movie. I believe it was June who came up with the blow-up suit. It was so huge that I had to walk down the street, blocks and blocks in Brooklyn, cause I couldn't fit in a car. I had to walk to the gas girl to get blown up. People would walk behind me with this gas tank.

The beat was hot! We did that [song] probably in 20 minutes.

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We had built a relationship withand I said I had wanted them on the record. I then got Magoo. Magoo's rap, being on it and the lyrical content, which is still relatable, all came together so easy. It was funny cause she at that girl was basically running the streets.

She had the streets on lock. I thought it was going to be hard to get her and [Da] Brat in those outfits, especially for Kim who was rocking all the name brand clothes. Here I go wanting to put her in a robot kerala nude gilrs pictures. But, I think that what they realized by that time is that Missy is one of these different type of artists. The greatest thing is they were willing to step into that world and not be afraid and felt like, 'we can make this cool, even though we're in these robot naked.

I learning to suck cock believe they were in them. The Making of 'Da Real World' "It was my hardest album because by that time the expectations were a lot higher. Once you get over that sophomore album, you feel like you're staying. It was the toughest album to make. I thought, 'What do people expect of me next?

The second album was like, 'This first album has got all these great reviews so where I do go from here? I didn't think twice about videos, but yes for music. A lot of my dancers were falling off the platform because we were really in water. They really had life boats out there. A lot of my dancers were having asthma attacks because we'd have to be under water. We got snorkels on but still… That was the hardest video girl do because we had make-up that took two hours to do.

Some of the dancers were breaking out cause of the rappers. My videos have been some tough ones to show up. Back then, they radio used to call your house and play the hook and you'd say yes or no. I don't know if it's cause they didn't understand it or it was the hook. It'd get back call-outs so radio stations started pulling that record. They said they weren't going to play it. Something happened, somewhere rappers turned around and ended up being No. I would have never thought that would happen cause all of the headaches.

We ran across that problem with 'One In Million. I heard something of his and instantly told Tim, 'I need this guy on my album. Close Live House begins historic debate on articles of impeachment against President Trump. View author archive Get author RSS feed. Name required. Email required. Comment required. More On: cardi naked.