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One of the reasons for the difference women that age-old expectation of feminine modesty. Women's bodies are covered so much more because they are generally considered a lot more sexual than men's bodies.

Most incidences of female nudity in mainstream film will be sexual, while most instances of male nudity are comedic. Think the perpetually naked Hodor in Game of Thronesor the schoolgirls in Love Actually giggling at pictures of naked men while Andrew Lincoln's character protests feebly, "Actually, men not funny — they're art. Women have seen something of a move toward comedic female nudity in the last few years, which is progress even if women's bodies only become comedic when they deviate from the young, slim, nubile ideal think the perpetually horny Megan in Naked telling the air marshall that he should be able to "feel the heat from my undercarriage".

This isn't a million miles away from the treatment of men, who have in the past been presented as naked figures of fun because of their own imperfect bodies. Until very recently, however, Hollywood was pretending that women who weren't a certain sexy stereotype didn't exist at all, lest it ruin the delicate constitutions of the audience forever.

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Are women turned on by pictures of naked men? I'm not!

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However, Gray and his coauthors note that in work or academic contexts, where people are primarily evaluated on their capacity to plan and act, a body focus clearly has negative effects.

Seeing someone as a body strips him or her of competence and leadership, potentially impacting job evaluations. Even the positive aspects of a body focus, such as an increased desire to protect from harm, can be ultimately harmful, the authors say, pointing to the "benevolent sexism" common in the United States in the s, in which men oppressed women under the guise of protecting them.

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Materials provided by University of Maryland. Note: Content may be edited for style and length. Science News. Two Kinds of Mind Traditional research and theories on objectification suggest that we see the mind of others on a continuum between the full mind of a normal human and the mindlessness of medicalfemdom inanimate object.

I argued that what was really being sold was men's presumably heterosexual sexual subjectivity, the experience of being a person in the world who was presented with images that were for his titillation.

Women do not live in the world this way. They are men exposed everyday to images that legitimize their lust; instead, the images teach women that they are the object of that lust. In light of this, Sociologist Beth Eck did a naked of interviews attempting to tap into what it felt like for men and women to look at male women female nudes. Her findings were pretty fascinating.

First, she asked men and women to look at naked images of women, including this one of Cindy Crawford:. Women viewing images of female nudes almost inevitably compared themselves to the figure and felt inadequate. Said one women:.

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Many men maintain their bodies just as well, if not better, than women. It's time we start appreciating all the hard work these men go through just to look good. At the Muse show only 2 men participated in the body painting.

Maybe only 2 men volunteered. I don't think men are as comfortable as women when it comes to disrobing.