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Then again, I wouldn't want to be near Ms. Curtis, Ms. Priestly or Ms. John, either. Nothing like being told what to do with you life, eh? If you want to pay for an overpriced subscription to be bored to good half the time by women spewing leftist policies on their audiences just to see those anchors that don't take themselves seriously then news on ahead.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Oh, how the mighty have fallen When this was new, it was really worth watching. Now, if you're not a subscriber, it's hardly worth the effort. Even if I was a subscriber, I'm not sure it would be worth the time. The writing has become stale, and the girls are getting tiresome.

Plus, great-looking past hosts like have gone. I really miss gals like Naked, Gretchen and Carmen while they retain annoying chicks like Kind and Sandrine.

Oh well, thanks for the memories, girls. Only in the 21st century good nude Internet news broadcasts be taken seriously. From National news International news, all the way though weather, sports and news with business, Naked News creates an environment much more pleasing to the eye than the standard national news programs.

After all, Guys, whom would you prefer, A wonderful looking woman, or Peter Jennings. It's naked decision. This show is incredibly lame. I feel matthew lush fucks dude for all good girls in it.

I don't know if they think they are going to use this to launch into a "real career" in acting or dare I say even in the legitimate news world but they are definitely dreaming unless their dream is to be full scale porn stars in which case I'm sure someone would gladly use them for that. They simply aren't very good at reading the news, it's a talent that you don't even realize exists among the real news anchors until you see someone trying to do it who really can't, like these girls.

Very awkward reading. And they are for the most part good looking but not hot enough to get back as successful actresses based on looks alone. Hopefully they are kind paid and having a lot of fun but I really don't think so, Kind sure whoever runs this show is exploiting them to the max. The worst part about the show is the writing.

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Even if they could read the news in an interesting, professional way, it is just terrible. Not newsworthy for the most part and definitely not funny at all. They cram jokes into every story and every single joke is just pathetic. It's obvious they think "hey we got naked girls reading this it doesn't matter what they read". Well that novelty wears off after a few minutes and it's just naked looking girls taking off their clothes and reading awkwardly. And if you're yawning at naked kind you know there's a serious problem.

One more thing. I know a lot of lonely basement dwelling something virgins good probably giving this nude jewish sex models ratings of 10 but this show getting a 9 out of 10 average with votes? There is definitely news vote tampering going on here. Great TV show! I have a satellite dish, so I don't have to pay. The neat thing is that it's news but it's funny.

The writing and acting are clever and nicely understated. I like that there are the ladies from the internet program who are refreshingly realbut there are other really hilarous regulars too, like Raoul rowrrr! Lots of fun and it doesn't take itself too seriously.

Totally worth checking out. Even better when it's free!

You might think I'm shallow, but, well, who gives a rats ass? This show is up to date with the latest news I think its a great idea for a show. It gets more Viewers watching the News and remembering stuff.

For example, have you ever watched a good loads of times and then you hear the same kind music somewhere else and you automatically remember the porno? Thats what the Naked News does, so say you're at a bar and someone is talking about the war on Iraq, then your Knowledge for the War floods back into you brain just from watching the Naked Ladies, I mean, News.

So, Watch the Naked News. It Makes you Intelligent! Naked News is nothing more naked a gimmick laden, shallowly conceived program. What is this show trying to be? Is it a news show to attract people to watch naked men and women? Is it a show with naked men and women to attract people to watch more news? The news items they present merely skim the surface and the newscasts are padded with lifestyle and dog hero fluff. The only thing that gives it redemption, if any, is that it includes Canadian news items.

I think this is one of the best news program I have seen. I have watched it a couple of times, but I am already addicted. I wish they had this kind of program on TV. No matter what people say, but I still pay attention to the news.

I've seen this news the web long, long ago. Great looking reporters? All but one. I won't name names. Pretty cool that nude short hair lesbians get naked while reporting the news?

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