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Hope that they pay off what they have set up. I know a lot of people are frustrated, and I am too, but I made a decision to love this show and follow it no matter what. If I can wait six years for my favorite anime OTP to even say that they loved each otherI can wait until Finchel is reunited. It might be hard, but I will go down with this ship, and this showno matter what. Can you imagine how wonderful it would be?

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The crew of the Enterprise and the citizens of Yorktown celebrating all that they are thankful for. They fought a horrible menace and survived. Their unity in their belief in the Federation and all it stands for is something I am clinging to in my personal life. Many turkeys will be prepared even if they are meatloaf shaped like turkeys. Pies and stuffing.

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Dishes from the different cultures of Earth and the other planets of the Federation shared between friends and family. Though they could time jump on us again like they did last season. But at the same time I still want an engagement or a commitment that one is coming. Some light in the darkness.

I also think they should step away too.

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Most of them should. They all need a chance to recover. Philnda go to Ireland, Mack goes home or on a trip with Elena, and Fitzsimmons go to Perthshire for a little bit and then we can have a new dynamic when they return in Season 5. Originally posted by hughxjackman. Originally posted by muvana. Originally posted by chippythedog. Wow so this match was a massacre. The USA ran rampant.

Morgan scored a 5trick and two others had a brace apiece. But the Thai players kept going even as the score became more lopsided. They kept running and attacking and defending and goal keeping until the end.

Never gave up.

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So salute to them. Emperor of WriteMentor.

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