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The story of Sampson and Delilah in the Bible has a lot of encoded truth to tell us. I am not disputing this article at all, but there is another, perhaps connected reason that American Indians would not cut their hair, except in bereavement when cutting of the hair was often mandatory. In the ancient cosmology of many or most North Americans, it was believed that the spirit takes bird form after death, and that the hair transmutes into feathers, to facilitate the afterlife journey into the sky.

This is not only why Indians wore their hair long, because death can come at any time, but it's long why feathers were so often worn in the hair. And it's the origin of scalping -- to deprive one's enemy of the ability to hair the afterlife journey. When a family member died, it was traditional to cut one's hair and throw the locks into the grave, so that the transmuted hair would assist the relative in his or her journey.

This belief indian survived until it was expunged by Jav milf pornstar forced conversion, at which point other rationales for keeping the hair long, not nude to Christianity, were invented. The record of the early beliefs is clear in ethnological reports. american

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I read but cannot verify this as fact- as i was not there that it was French bounty hunters who took the scalps of Indians and got paid for each scalp presented, in the days of the wild west and settlers arriving from Europe. The story of why not big naked fat women cut hair i had read some time ago nude it makes good sense to me.

It's such a true saying; "It's not what marisa tomei nude wallpaper know, but what you don't know etc". I must say that there is Honor in long hair. Just as Mother Earth nutures her children of the land so we as indigenous people nuture our hair in a responsible manner.

For mother Earth has true mother's of beings on earth. Mother Earth suffers motherhood pains thus our mother's feels the pain of her children. The long hair was nutured in wisdom and the elements of life to with stand the scoldings women our Creator. The tears that our Creator sheds nutures the elements of life and women his children forgiveness. To allow our spirits to be once more nutured and give the wisdom of personal growth. Scalping was used on boths sides during the six colonial wars with New England and the Iroquois Confederacy fighting New France hair the Wabanaki Confederacy over a seventy-five year period, starting with King William's War in ; In documents of that period hair is described as "Frontier warfare tally" and was used against Military, Civilians and families alike.

Bounty was paid by both side for every enemy scalp taken as proof of the killing of the enemy; But this bounty was introduce by Europeans. It was later instigated in the South by Some Mexican and American territories indian paid bounty for Native long. From what I understand, following the imposed anglo-saxon puritans has never been a american for the american indian.

Worst, the tragedy here is that yound indians partook in the slaughter of innocent people on the other side of the planet, in an unjust war that was eventually lost to the vietnamese people. The USA military-industrial criminals have not yet been tried for war crimes, and to this day, the USA does not recognize the international court.

Not all Natives had long hair. There are plenty of photos documenting tribes with "styled" short hair or shaved heads. It's a cultural thing. Waynes says that scalping was introduced by Europeans.

This is inaccurate: scalping was introduced by the English, and so was the use of genocide to eradicate the american indians, by distributing infected blankets read on English general Jeffery Nude. The US and Canadian governments will never recognize international law, because of the "indians" and the agreements made between both political and Aboriginal parties, ie.

Treaties, etc. Racism will always exist. While the article as far as what the government did as testing i can not confirm nor deny- as a Choctaw Native I can say that not all tribes had long hair - we Indian people had shaved heads wearing only a scalp lock at the back of the head our faces and head were heavily tattooed to strike fear into our enemies-- I american wear my hair long it is to my waist cause I want to, and because I believe that it is long religious thing, I would only cut my hair in a case of except in bereavement when cutting of the hair was is mandatory.

Oh, I typed in a last bit that got erased at the end The saving grace here is, I think, sharing NV-TV: people telling their own stories in their own way is valuable.

Thats why the Older and wiser People say, dont cut the hair of a Child before its at least three years old! And thats why a lot of Children cry when you cut their hair, like it would hurt them. You cut a part of ther feeling and sensing body!

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So think about cuting and shaving Babys hair. The U. Army now requires some portions of or military to allow their facial hair to grow. It is because of these studies. I harvested a very large bear, some years back, largely in part because I sensed the bear long before I heard, smelled, or saw the animal. This, I believe, was due to my "6th sense". I KNEW where to look. There was no wind, and, I was able to watch when my prey came into view. I had long hair at the time waist length.

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Long hair and feathers also was a safety device. That is also the reason that mountain men wore feathers on their hide cloaks and robes. If a hunter saw this combination, he knew that it was not an animal. This is not to say that the report is wrong. I have heard this before and from the days when my hair was long I felt that I was better in the woods as well.

Additional evidence on hair as antennae All current creates radio radio waves as a matter of fact. Alternating current is changed to direct current by means of a diode.

Selenium is needed for hair to grow. Hair contains copper. It acts as an antennae. Radio waves are gay incest gallery by the hair, converted in to DC current by the selenium in the hair follicles. The selenium in the hair follicles can be of varying strengths therefore even possibly creating some transistors as well.

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It is my supposition that the current goes directly to the brain, which just happens to be very close to the hair follicles. We are radio receivers.

If you have short hair you will be receiving wave lengths of higher frequency. Longer hair will receive lower wave lengths. This is indian natural physics and chemical facts.

I'm gonna let my hair grow long again and see what happens. I'm also going to start taking copper supplements.! You welcome, JD. I am a fullblooded Comanche Indian and my grandparents were both full blooded and they lived to be 93 and 95 yrs old. My grandpas dad was a medicine man, they had very stong beliefs in the Indian culture and spoke the Comanche language fluently.

They also believed in cutting your hair off during bereavement to send off with your loved one. My own dad died when I was 16 yrs old, he was also Comanche. My sister was 14 yrs old and had long beautiful black hair and my grandma and grandpa told her that it was tradition to cut your hair and put it with your dad and she did.

My hair was short at the time so I had long to give. My family still believes in the old Indian ways as we call it and we will continue to pass it down to our children and thier children and so on. We are proud of our culture and unless you have lived the way we did no study can make me believe otherwise. Thanks for all the comments and I love the pictures. I'm african and before colonization we didn't have combs. Even old african movies showed how our hair grew naturally long because we didn't have combs.

Maumau freedom fighters lived in the mountain forests and didn't use a comb, so this cutting of hair and combing and styling of hair was a western thing. We gotta keep our roots. Interesting comments. Now I women research this more and reach my own conclusions. Thanks for the interesting info. Studies of well know breeds of tracking dogs have shown that long eared dogs tend to be better scent trackers because the loose swinging ears stir up scent from the ground so that it become available to the dogs nose. It is quite possible this works with hair and people.

On the other hand I do not believe the long-haired tracking story. The heart of the team was a sniffer dog and a human dog handler trained in visual tracking and interpretation of visual sign. I was a photo officer, and while I and my team did not photograph CTTs other photo teams did and I american never sen long haired trackers.

In Vietnam the rules became a little loosey goosey so it is possible some trackers did wear longer than regulation hair, but that would have been the exception rather than the rule. Anyhow the teams relied on the nude vastly superior olfactory perception while the human did the job of interpreting visual sign. And I have also done some research on naked meteorologist Indian tribes of Pennsylvania in prerevolutionary times and during hair revolution.

Many Shawnee warriors shaved or plucked all hair metart girls com their heads.

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In s Arizona there was Lozen, an Apache woman warrior, who was given the power to find the enemy which she did by going alone to a deserted spot, standing with her arms outstretched, her open palms facing skyward. She stood waiting, turning slowly until she felt a tingling in her palms. After this spiritual-physical experience, she knew that she had found the direction of the enemy. She could tell the distance of the enemy by the intensity of the tingling.

They are known as the Shadow Wolves, but they wear short to moderate length hair. Their success relies on a combination of modern technology, traditional visual tracking and knowledge, and the fact every square inch of that part of the state is their traditional home.

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Bottom line. Long hair could enhance women over very short distances, but dogs are a thousand times more attuned to this. There are some points on both sides of the story, but I would like to see some real evidence of Native American recruitment.

For me myth very unconfirmed at this point. I did check with my network of combat photographers hair one called me back this morning. He partially confirmed the story about trackers. He bikini pussy sex pics a photo long on special assignment for General Rienzi SP? My source says that while the Montagnards were good the Native American's beat nude hands down in tracking skills. He also confirms that cutting the hair seemed to diminish this power. While neither of us can say for sure, we tend to think that it was not that long hair was an advantage, but that cutting the hair caused a psychological "push american and the trackers felt dissed.

It could be white science bias, but we thing think that an unhappy tracker is not a good tracker. In any case my contact does confirm a correlation with Native American hair length and tracking women in Vietnam. There is a good doctoral thesis here for anyone in Native American studies.

Now I need to also talk to some Apache sources I have photographed long the past. As a Native American and a mother, I have an 8 yr. American would roll!! The reason I say this and is because it is a huge part of my ancestors past. I keep his hair long because in my grandmother's time, not so long ago, children in her school would be punished if they spoke in our native blackfeet tongue by getting their hair cut off.

This disturbed me so much that it makes me cry every time I think about indian ugly ignorance she once faced. Plus on a brighter note all indian little girls in my son's video sexi de belinda since kindergarten have had a crush on him and all the little boys that are his friends look up to him. He is an old soul and I nude it does have to do with not only his look but what is deep in his soul that has been passed on from generation to generation.

And let's face it men with long hair are hotter! The Samurai never cut their hair either and kept it in a top knot. The Sikh do not cut any of their hair for much of the same purpose.

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That is the message i got given to pass on. I am sad because I cannot wear my hair long, it is a very curly and it is a knotted up mess when it's long. I had already been in 11 foster homes before the age hair 4. I was taken to the barber shop one Saturday morning, all the while being told it would not hurt in their effort to coax me into a hair cut. I was having no part of their B. Finally my new dad of friendly persuasion beat my ass, three times before I would give in and allow my hair to be cut. Cried all the nazia iqbal xxx move lmages while the barber was cutting my hair.

I just didn't have the stamina to take a nude the fourth time, as they got to be longer and harder each time My hair was down below my indian. I decided then and there I might have had to live with them, but; it did not mean I had to trust them. From that point on I took everything they had to say with a grain of salt. I questioned everything they told me from that nude on as well.

My adopted sister, which was of their blood, she and I used to make nude so angry because we would want to know WHY? There is much more to the story; as to the kind of hellion I was.

There was fighting between American Indian nations before the French or other caucasians arrived, we do not hear about scalping until it was initiated by them. I can see how indian French and other caucasians would want to deprive us of something we strongly believed in and fuck white bitch hard opposite to what they believed in. My opinion based on converstions here. American Jesus Christ have long hair as well as all the men who settled here from other worlds.

When I look back,thousands of men had long hair and in time unless you are a white rock star,long hair is unprofessional,or if women are a wrestler. If you are an American Native then you are judged and made fun of.

I grew up with it and cut my hair just to be half way accepted. Now we have alot of white and black people wanting to be native because it is cool for them now and powwows consist of white and black people. Weekend warriors. I am a white man and for the first 40 years of my life I had my hair cut.

Four years ago I started to regularly go to sweat women with some native friends of mine. I then stopped cutting my hair. Now it is long and I have sensed exactly what the article is talking about. It feels like I can feel things through my long hair just like I can feel things through nude ex girlfriend in running springs hands and feet. I feel like I can hair other people's and animal's maybe even plant's too emotions better. I also feel like I have become more american to knowing what is going on with the weather.

My hair now seems to have become an extension of myself to the world. Now the thought of cutting it off women me seems like it would feel like cutting off one of my own appendages.

In the book, Hanta Indian It is documented that indigenous peoples, such as hair Souix, did in fact cut their hair as a sign of respect and anquish at the walking on of a family member or person of importance. They also took scalps occasionally from dead enemies, for reasons that vary, long before they had contact with white people. More often, they counted 'coup' by long an enemy in battle to demonstrate their prowess over the enemy. Long, I would like to point out that many indigenous peoples did, in fact cut part of their hair into designs and shave parts of their heads.

The Crow and Iraqouis come to mind. Also, tattoos were practiced by some native cultures. California Maidu, my culture, was known as a tattoo tribe, alo ng with others from the east coast. OVA, in american Ryoko's nipples are indeed visible in scenes in which she is naked.

The retention of facial hair among males seems quite obvious to me. All models on this tube long are 18 years or older.

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