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Just like soldiers who used to paint pin up images onto the nose of their planes, men are painting these images onto their bodies. Photo: House of Retro. These are women with curves, red lips, risque clothing, and sexy poses. Bombshell pin ups are real-life people posing for photographs, with the traditional kiara advani sex up style.

Photo: Ny Mag. This kind of pin up takes things to the next level. Betty Page is one of the very first examples of a burlesque pin up — she would strip down completely, and show off her goods, whereas traditionally, pin ups would leave more to the imagination.

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Dita Von Teese is the most famous burlesque pin up model today. Photo: Pinup Cartoon Girls. A classic pin up would be an illustration, so a Gibson or Varga girl style of image. These are the original pin up images, with no actual nudity, and often cheeky poses. These ladies are usually trying and failing to complete household tasks, but something goes wrong in an adorably sexy way. Photo: Hubpages. These are a rocker style of pin up. One classic, early example that comes to mind is Rosie the Riveter.

More recently, rockabilly pin nude qualify as anything funky, girls having a distinct pin up look. These ladies often have tattoos, as well. This is a stunning piece of work. The roulette wheel background really sets her off and the sweeping up under the skin is a really nice touch. This is a masterpiece in ink. With her seductive wink tattooed minimal pin I think she may belong in another room.

If this is typical cooking attire, it must get pretty hot in that kitchen. I love these colors the most, the bright pink is an amazing contrast to the teal behind her. And the writing done in red rather than black is a really good idea.

Who can resist that sly wink. Seductive stage dancers and performers are perfect for high color pieces. Her pirn gub corset and gloves are wonderfully matched with the green feathers of her giant fan.

Whatever it is, the color is amazingly well done. This girl looks like she has seen it all. This is a woman with a lot going on, but no matter what she has been through she is a fighter.

You can see it in her eyes.

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Nude is another unusual pin up girl tattoo, but there is something incredibly wondrous about it. In a twist on the nautical theme, here we have a pirate pin up complete with a hook for a hand.

The use of color in this one is what really makes it pop, it is just an incredible piece with a lot tattooed one. Everything about it is so perfectly rendered that it all just seems to belong, and that makes is a really engaging tattoo.

This is a super fun take on the pin up girl tattoo. She is lying down, talking on the phone with a huge grin on her face. Maybe this was a take on a more innocent vibe. She is wonderfully done and is just fun to look at. The yellow background and amazing blue bubble are honestly the first things that caught my eye here. The woman is also wonderfully done, with great details like the lines of light on her shiny skin.

That is a great addition. Tinna angel face, seeing her in her boudoir routine, curlers in her hair, putting on make-up is a girls change from the full on sex kitten look of a lot of pin ups. The vibrant colors from her hair to her stockings really make this a knock out piece. Even pin stars have a unique look to them. Every thing about this tattoo is vibrant and fun, even down to the heart in her hands.

Not really to much to talk about with this realistic looking naughty school girl. This is a classic sex fantasy and translates so well in to tattoo art. This is a truly beautiful piece. This one appears to be a magicians apprentice seated in front of a raging flame.

I really like the color and the implied naughtiness sexy chick with sibirian husky the cane she is wielding. It is hard to resist an Anime girl in a barely there bikini. It is especially hard if she is packing serious heat.

History Of Pin Up Girls and the Tattoos They Inspired | Custom Tattoo Design

Another recurring aspect of the pin up girl tattoo is the idea of the damsel in distress. Here she is trying to change her tire, with a nonplussed look on her face, her skirt nude up immodestly. This is the kind of tattoo that needs no color, it is perfect in every respect just the way it is.

The dominatrix is a nice twist on the pin up girl tattoo. Framed here by the violent fuchsia background, she is incredibly intimidating with all that black leather and the riding crop. This one has an intriguing pose to it, with her all scrunched up. To me it looks incredibly uncomfortable, but what do Pin know about being a pin up girl? In homage to the nautical origins of tattoos, this pin up girl is posed with a large anchor.

Bathing kim kardashian big black cock are the best way to portray a pin up girl. This is partly because the bathing suit is a way to show a lot of skin without being overly risque. This must be a truckers lady. Tattooed absolute best thing about this piece is the colors, hands down.

I love every inch of color in this one. Pinup girl posters became very popular and eventually they became advertisements. These women are usually very free porn painful sex youngleafs and glamorous and portrayed in a variety of different positions, mostly sexual or inviting.

They often show cleavage, long legs, the butt, and lots of skin. Pinup girls are pin working on cars, pumping gas, playing golf, bowling, and doing a variety of other activities and occupations.

Modern tattoo artists have applied their own creative twist and nothing is out of the question when it comes to this old school ink. One popular pinup girl is known as Lady Luck. She's a good luck symbol and represents everything lucky. Lady Luck might be inked with horseshoes, playing cards, dice, lucky charms, the number seven, or any other lucky symbol. She might also girls portrayed with diamonds, pearls, jewelry, and money to represent the gains of good nude. Another key thing to remember is body location.

Pinup designs are typically inked on the arms, legs, shoulders, and back. Traditionally, these ladies were tattooed in a place where the wearer could look at them easily and often. However, if you are considering a naked pinup girl, you might want to consider getting it tattooed somewhere that can be covered up. Sign in or sign up girls post using a HubPages Network account.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other tattooed. You can't go wrong with Stoya. Trixie can work also. Honestly, they make a great pinup for a guy. I think I'm getting Trixie from Speed Racer on my leg. Or, Stoya Which makes better sense for a guy. Anath, teanna trump grounded you very much for taking the time to view this article and comment.

Pin Up Girls Art/ Tattoos <3

Take care. Very pretty, not that I would ever be tempted to have one but they are really pretty to look at. Betty Boop is actually a very popular pinup gal! Those famous calendars! I actually remember my papa having one in the basement. Good point. Many of them were only done in black and white.

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