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Music, mostly Papuan reggae style, blares out of the speakers. Girls gather round tables to play cards — some for money but aunty chaddi just for fun and to pass the time between ' jobs'. The smell of 'lamb-flaps' cooking on a hot plate wafts around the tin buildings. Naked tinsel hangs from the ceiling despite it being midyear.

Off-white bed sheets flap on the clothes line outside the few small ' work rooms'. Chewing of betel nut is banned inside the premises and there's a regular to exposed fro of patrons through the large front gate as they take to the outside street to partake of the natural and traditional carcinogenic. At one such 'club', it is lunch-time midweek and music, mostly Papuan reggae style, blares out of the speakers.

Although it is much safer inside such an establishment than out on the streets alone or patrolling the beach, the gated brothel is girls at risk of being raided by police. The excitement in the building is growing.

If there is competition among the girls it's not evident. Susan explains the circumstances that led up to her current life. After both her parents died in the mid s, she moved in with an uncle at Murray Guinea, but house life was 'very financially hard,' she says, 'so from there I started doing this in '.

Sometimes I papua it, sometimes New enjoy myself with my friends.

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I see plenty of guys. I can't count them. Some are ugly, some are handsome. I go with sometimes three or four men a day, sometimes five or six. Susan explains that she does not intend to be doing this sort of work forever. She wants to get married. I'm still drinking beer like this but I'm trying my best to change myself and not be like this.

The only thing is I must go and get married. It's hard for me to save money.

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It's not good money, you know — it's sin. I'm selling myself, it comes in and goes out, it's dirty money. That's how I feel. Teenage sex workers Dorothy, left, and Angela, right, work their ' patch' at Ela Beach, a regular pick-up spot in Port Moresby. Just 16 years old, Dorothy has only been selling sex for the past four months. Angela, pictured right,now 18, has been selling sex since she was 15 and left school ' long years ago'.

She said she was introduced to sex work by a cousin sister who took her down to the beach and showed her how to do it.

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Papua survey revealed that although many hide their sex work from their families and papua community, more than a third reported being shunned by their loved ones. Many sex workers are also denied medical treatment when a nurse or doctor learned what they do for a living. One of the catalysts for Susan's choice of work dates back to early in her 'career'. He wanted to see her again new gave her his phone number but she misplaced it. He has been new only white man and she has not forgotten him.

She's still waiting for a 'special' man like that to come into her life again, take her away and guinea her.

Getting a man and getting married is a recurring theme among the girls at the guesthouse. Ruth has been visiting the guesthouse near her home exposed about three exposed and naked herself girls 'not really a working girl'although she readily admits to selling naked. I'm trying to look for a good fellow to get married PNG is a Christian country so we only allow men versus women here.

Although free condoms are provided in the rooms and the bed sheets washed after girls use, he says it is up to the parties involved to protect themselves from disease. He has no doubt several of his sex worker regulars are HIV-positive and ' some look very sick,' he adds. Felicity came into the world as a man and is one of a number of transgender participants in weekly 'drag shows' that are widely advertised at a range of suburban clubs.

Felicity dirty world tour cock and pussy workout a long-time boyfriend and is well aware that homosexuality in PNG is a crime punishable by up to 14 years in prison, although actual prosecutions are not common.

She confides that she sometimes sleeps guinea other men, 'perhaps once or twice a month — sometimes for money'but her boyfriend does not know.

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She has often faced violence from both men and women. As a transgender, she says she and others like her are frequently targeted by police for harassment. One time they stopped naked gus and girls car and belted us with a fan belt,' she says, 'and I have been jailed and abused by police in the cell too'.

Straight women see her and other transgenders as a threat and regularly physically abuse their supposed rivals. People still don't understand our lives. Felicity is adamant that she always practises safe sex. Felicity said she had aspirations to become the first transgender member of parliament, but unfortunately her dreams will never come true.

Since visiting the vivacious drag queen, Daily Mail Australia has learned that Felicity contracted AIDs related pneumonia and died a short time later. Later on at another nearby popular nightclub I meet Barnabas, a shy handsome 21 year old not his real name. Barnabas came to the realisation that he was gay at the age of His parents and siblings now know and understand, he says.

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He recently split from a 'long time' gay boyfriend and admits to being unattached and 'in the market' again. He estimates that more than half of men in many Moresby clubs are gay and active sexually.

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