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Missing skier found alive after three days lost. Canadian women more likely to believe in haunted houses than men: poll. Jun 7, 3, 0 1, In some documentary about John Holmes Also had a large wang it was tough to have a full erection just because his body couldn't keep enough blood going to it.

StoOgE said:. John Holmes doesnt look gross. Im not into guys so I dont know if he was good looking, but he wasnt a freak show like Ron Jeremy or this guy. Dilbert Member.

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Jun 7, 9, 2 0. Oh, I don't know what John Holmes looks like. Wait, I just looked him up. OMG, he's gross!

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He's fucking creepy. Ron Jeremy is a step above him just for the fact that Ron Jeremy doesn't look like a serial killer. Jun 19, 3, 0 0 40 US. He's no Mandingo. Naked Shuriken said:.

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John Holmes WAS a killer, well he took part in the ultra violent beating to deathof his best friends, with steel pipes. Really great movie edit: Imdb Link. Leon Junior Member. Jun 9, 0 0.

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I'd rather have a girl think my dick's small but cute, than huge but gross jeremy terrifying. Jun 7, 8, 0 1, I think this guy is a hoax. If this guy is packing what he says he is why does he not penis porn?

He's clearly and attention whore and love to show www indian school sex his dick ron his pants of course so why the hell is he a hot dog vender when he could make serious cash doing porn. Ghost Chili Con Carnage! Jun 6, 18, 0 0 35 UK. Imagine if you got a woody at work, the desk would jeremy 8 inches off the floor.

Definitely not the luckiest man on earth. Lemurnator Banned. Jun 13, 3, 2 0. Fucking ouch. MoxManiac Member. Jun 8, 16, 1 1, He's also a fatass. After his sex tape with Pamela Anderson made the rounds on the interwebsthe rest of the world found out what porn stars have allegedly told Tommy for years—that he's seriously packin'. You can take the dick penis of the man, but you can't take the man out of the dick.

Bobbitt had it chopped off, then still got down with 70 women post-reattachment. Gotta love his perseverance. Might we then suggest he start wearing underwear?

Or don't. Joined Oct 15, Messages Uhh yeah, a little above average with probably a " fatpad my friend Ron Jermy is a legend in the porn industry, look at his old work, he used to be skinny as a rail. Jason1 Member. Joined Nov 15, Messages He is a pumper.

Gandolf Banned. Joined Jun 3, Flaced Man I kind of agree with ron. I have never been blown away by Ron Jeremy's size and I do not believe he is 9 inches. Hardly the legend he is made out to be. Godsize Active member. Joined Jun 18, Messages 1, I don't know about that. I've seen plenty flaced porn films with him in it and his cock is pretty impressive.

The men in the study stretched their penises for three months— up to nine hours a day.

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But the right medication can help you keep it up. So try not to let your worries get the best of you in bed. In some men overweight and fit alikedeposits of fatty tissue in the pubic region can camouflage the base of the penis, making it look shorter—, for your bed buddy, feel shorter.