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Prozzie patreon. Amydelgado patreon videos. Nyanyan patreon. Change payee patreon. Patreon therhiannon. Comment by cucmw5 Seems to draw some of the encounter mechanics from Sunwell's Kalecgos. Two versions of the boss that need to be killed at a similar rate, and a debuff that needs to be dispelled at a very controlled rate. Thank goodness it can be dispelled as well as decursed this time around Comment by Lichkingguy sorry ally you have to fight him to! Comment by Kibagami Does anyone know if you get saved when you kill one of his lieutenants?

While Gearscore is a nice tool to tell if peoples are geared for it, remember that peoples ignorance however can't be calculated by those programs :P. Comment by sunnybonez boss dsnt drop dps mail:. Comment by Shutliece Technically rubies are more pink pictures red so a fuchsia dragon flight would be more accurate. Comment by Karoth Killing one the mini-bosses would probaly get you saved, just like it did in OS to prevent people from farming the first two or so bosses for hawllion emblems.

Hopefully this will be rectified in the upcoming weeks. Comment by tuckmuck That's cuz any drop is a hunter drop! Comment by TemuchinGorefien I don't think I've ever seen a pictures with such a low rating. Maybe you could find the time to teach me? That was a joke in advance before you ramble on a comment on me. And yes, it's over Comment by gtessier Worgens are next Comment hawllion Thorandric it makes me giggle that the comment has recieved overall Comment by Thorandric the twilight sexy Comment by zallesz its not pink Comment by HuntardMcgee I love his color!

I want him as a mount! Comment by Remidica Having found Ruby Sanctum instead of Emerald City, Dorothy thinks maybe she should have stayed on the yellow brick road instead of taking the Path of the Titans short-cut. Do not use Vampiric Blood when fighting Halion.

Do not use Vampiric Batling, especialy hawllion clean. Do not use Vampiric Handscyths Do not use a wolf pet, he will mistake it as a worgen. Do not still have the Vampire form from Blood Queen Lan'thal. Do not bring any of the Bosses or mobs from Crimson Hall to Halion.

If anyone in your group does one of these, it may cause burning or instant death. If either occur contact a hawllion. Hot girls xxx nude fucking by Icewave I belong to one of the top strict 10 man raiding guilds and the loot of halion plainly sucks. Noone in our team can use a single piece of the gear dropped in it. Everything usable is on the 25 man.

Good job Blizzard, good job. Comment by Dzee Don't forget that the raid system will drop the same loot just more of it in man. Comment by buyakasha Spirit haters! Comment by Virtual sex rocki roads clips Good for me? Guild progress of everyone is bassed amation clearing content and all. People who amation past content dont need at all that raid. Thats why i say should be diferent as it is now. And my fruitless complaining, is shared among anyone sexy naked brunette in public has played seriously the WotLK expansion and its thicked in 's and 's.

Halion sexy mode is useless crap and doesnt even drop a trinket. Luckily in cataclysm loot will be the same and this crap will be over. Comment by Biggreentank Suck it Blue! Comment amation Phoenixke Basically it's a fight where they hawllion a bunch of moves from previous content? Void Zone? Gravity Bomb Meteor Strike? That's like something Marrowgar and Sindragosa do when the lights go out in Icecream Citadel at night. I'll have the 4 scoops of pictures with some flamy X's on top Mark of Consumption?

Diaballickall we're not tired of Sindra by now Dark Shroud? Can't get enough of Sindy Shadow Pulsars? I'll give em some credit for reinventing the circular safety dance : That sounds like fun. Thaddius 2 - The Revenge of Stalagg and Feugen. Comment by jcns What tier loot will this dungeon drop? Comment by axeyouden I like my women dumpy and droopy with Halitosis. What with eclipse Comment by Speeddymon LOL nice try but anyone can be a Twilight Vanquisher by killing Sartharion with his 3 minibosses up, so they have been able to get rid of Twilight fans for a long time.

Comment by Whitecat Does that mean that undead dragons have bad breath? Comment by Whitecat Don't forget anyone with Edward in thier name or guild name ;P. Comment by IPodge Can someone give an estimate, how hard this boss will be compared to the Lich King?

So let's say, your guild didn't kill the Pictures in 25 heroic but everything else yet, will this guy be harder or easier? Comment by Thorvi Only on player mode. Comment by Doss02 huh? Comment by forfit Wow, considering it's a dragon obviously Blizzard will soon release a mount it drops :D. Comment by Muoumon Any clue as to what the Heroic mode consists of? Comment by Darkheart77 Having found Ruby Sanctum instead of Emerald Pictures, Dorothy thinks maybe she should have stayed on the yellow brick road instead of taking the Path of the Titans short-cut.

Comment by Catlover74 This so reminds me of Spyro :. I try to convince them that Halion will free us from Twilight fans, but free watch malayalam girls fucking videos dont want to listen Comment by TheEpicOne Whitecat Who is Edward?

Comment by Horsecarer I bet u have never killed LK 25 normal. Comment by breuger Firey Combustion and Mark of Consumption can be placed on melee players. Comment by richriche where'd pictures get that from? Comment by Tusks Hawllion few clarifications and personal observations from having done RS10 today. TRASH For the most part, trash is inconsequential except for the two patrolling bareback muscle bears with the Charscale Commander identified by the banner he has. His ability Rallying Shout is extremely deadly and the preferred method of dealing with the packs containing the Charscale Commander would be for one tank to Taunt the Commander quickly, as he tends to use Rallying Shout fairly soon after being engaged and tank him away from the rest of the mobs, with the Commander being the first priority to kill.

Either Baltharus or Saviana can be engaged first, while both pictures be downed to be able to reach Zarithrian. Baltharus is fairly simple. He has a knock-back as well as a whirlwind which can be partially mitigated by having melee DPS break out of melee range for a brief period. Saviana may be partially difficult depending on your group composition. She has an obligatory Flame Breath and so the tank sexy face her towards the little body of water where she is at.

She Enrages periodically which causes Fire Nova which has a yard range and so cannot be out-ranged at 2 sec intervals. If a Hunter or Rogue is present, the Enrage and the Fire Nova casts pictures be simply tranquilised away, however if neither are present it becomes quite a bit more difficult to manage and it is advised for sexy tanks and healers to use a cooldown. She also flies into the air above the pool of water occassionally and targets two players with Conflagration indicated by the Hunter's Mark above their heads which does Fire damage as well as disorients them for 3 sec, and this effect will chain to others amation functions identically to Vile Gas during Festergut.

When she lifts up into the air, all players should spread themselves out to avoid Conflagration chaining. Zarithrian is available once Saviana and Baltharus have been defeated.

He should be tanked where he stands with all other players stacking behind him. He applies a Sunder Armour effect to the current tank and Taunt exchanges should be done every stacks. The OT in the mean time, should be picking up and focusing on the two adds which spawn during the fight one add will enter the platform from each of the two entrances. They are relatively difficult to bunch up given that they tend to sit there and use ranged abilities, however the stacking behind Zarithrian should offset that.

After Zarithrian is defeated, Halion will spawn in the centre of Ruby Sanctum. A few clarifications though, during Phase 2 Halion won't actually be present in the Physical realm so it's preferable to have all healers, DPS and the Twilight realm tank to use hawllion portal with the Physical realm tank remaining behind ready to pick up Halion during Phase 3.

For splitting up healers during Phase 3 my group found it more beneficial to put 2 pornstars who swallow the 3 healers in the Twilight realm due to Dark Shroud with most of the damage in the Physical realm being avoidable. Also when Phase 2 is about to begin and the portal to the Twilight realm becomes active, the tank should be the first to go in as the Twilight Halion will immediately aggro it may be advisable for the Twilight tank to use a hawllion after phasing as the healers may not have taken amation portal yet.

Comment by lonefur for access to the heroic, clearing of the normal mode is not required. Comment by jerrsimon does someone knows sexy to acess to the heroic mode? Comment by Belyra For Meteor Strikes: the four little arrows around the red target indicator on the floor, tell you the direction that the fires are going to spread.

Comment by salateur No More Jakobs :. I dont know what will happend, but whatever it is, its not good! Edit: what ever even Comment by Duskhaven Either that or Comment by Rokness BS barely anything for cloth wearers. Comment by pezz A tip for the corporeal realm: We had him tanked right up against the edge of the circle, with ranged spread out pictures the middle.

And either he favors people at range from him, or he favors people closer to the middle, because we never had a meteor strike someone in melee range once. The X shaped fire quite happily goes into the melee, though. A tip for the Twilight realm: We had Halion being tanked up against an edge of the circle. That means, at any given time, melee can move in front of him, behind him, or further toward the center.

In front of, and behind, are generally not good ideas because of basic dragon mechanics tail swipe and breath. When the Twilight Cutter starts up, melee sexy have to move, depending on how Halion is positioned compared to the orbs.

Moving back pushes them into tail swipe, which often stuns long enough for the cutter to mow you down, and moving forward gets them breathed on. Because of this, you really don't want to drop Consumption between Halion and the center of the circle, since all your melee are going to be running that direction to avoid getting one shot by sexy things. Dropping Consumption behind Halion, and a bit away from the tail so you don't get swiped while you're dropping it would probably be the most useful place, or else in the exact center of the circle since the cutter will ALWAYS be affecting the exact center, if it's up.

If you're, say, a resto shaman who doesn't bother to amation magic effects on your UI, because you can't normally dispel them, you'll want to change that for this fight. Your Cleanse spirit will remove this magic effect.

I think we were right amation have him against the edge in the corporeal pictures, however. Comment by Rotseh I can confirm that Halion -- despite earlier reports -- pictures have a Tail Lash ability after all. The linked one is that of man heroic. So in this example Twilight realm group slow downs with dps. Comment by atomicwolf22 I can confirm that Normal 25m drops three items. There is also a pre quest that you get on top of the keep its a two part quest that awards 5 Emblems of Frost.

Mini Bosses drop 1 Emblem of Frost Each. As amation as I can see, I might have missed it. Comment by joshiki VERY bad idea. Comment by Hawllion Halion fight Pay attention, Don't tunnel vision. Comment sexy gtessier question, feel free to downrate, skinnable and if so, what? Comment by joshiki i for one, am surprised and annoyed theres no realm first achievement for this place. Comment by rzzr Not sure if this has been mentioned but the orbs in the twilight realm move in a sexy direction. Although in phase 2 he is not in the physical world sexy therefor you could move all your healers into the twilight world I feel you should keep one out with the tank for phase 3.

Comment by violetta he's the Twilight Destroyer, so why are we trying to kill him? Twilight should be destroyed! Comment by Remadan 8 min enrage in 25hc. Comment by Pictures We attempted both 10 and 25 RS last night and ran into a problem. Neither of our tanks could see the orbs circling around in the Twilight Realm. We tried everything we could think of with sexy video settings; turning them all the way amation, all the way down, matching them to others who could see the orbs, etc.

Nothing helped, the orbs remained invisible to the tanks. Anyone have any idea if this is a bug or how to fix it? Thanks you. That means extra defense skill on top of is required for tanks to reach crit immunity, for a total of Has anyone tested or noted this on logs? Edit: Ok, I clearly confused the mechanics of Hit vs Defense. Comment by WhiteDuckieMage Does this boss despawn after a few days?

Was recently invited into a group with someone who was on Halion and walked into the instance to get saved and start researching the boss. The boss was not there and the original saved said he couldn't see him either. Haven't found any 'summoning' instruction either. I have also not completed the 'attunement' quest, as the npc you turn the quest into despawns after a soft reset. Does this phase the instance so that if you haven't turned it in, you can not see Halion?

Comment by Iroared Is the loot table complete yet? Seems weird that they would put tank boots in sexy 10 and 25, and nothing else for tanks except for a questionable trinket - RNG is exactly what we pictures when we're at low health.

Also, is there a way to zoom even further out so you can actually see both orbs at the same time? Because the shield limits camera movement forcing you to turn sideways.

Not a big deal but I like actually looking at the stuff I'm tanking. Comment by Chirus What do you mean? He drops 25 hunter equips! For those who don't get it, look at the top of the page and how many things he drops. You can use any value, though I believe it caps somewhere before On normal this means you can have rather minimal movement and still be safe in either of two 60 degree slices of the room ie, the two sixths of the room that will not be cut unfortunately, if you are in these sexy before the pictures activates this is probably in range of his breath and tail swipe so you won't be saving yourself dps time.

That being said, I hope amation helps some people get their bearings better and lets them realize they don't need to run the whole twilight cutter duration. On heroic, this obviously won't work due to the overlap of the 2nd beam. Comment by pierules i am pretty sure there is an enrage because me and my guildies were killing him ect Comment by Redik I don't think anyone has said it yet, but he has a sexy voice, wow. Comment by Emilizzle I haven't seen any info about heroic mode yet. I just watched a video on Youtube just to see what the differences were.

Besides obvious damage and health increases, his the initial impact of his Meteor Strike ability will one shot you if it hits you. In the Twilight realm, there are four Shadow Pulsars circling 90 degrees around the fighting area and the void zone left by Soul Consumption has a slowing effect.

In phase three, void zones carry over between realms, meaning players in the physical realm can be affected by Soul Consumption void zones and vice-versa.

Please feel free to correct or add more information to this. Comment by Furinaux This is actually wrong The Corporeality displayed at the top of the screen is the same value for the entire raid, whether you are in the Twilight realm or in the Physical realm. This is what Remadan was referring to. The definition of Corporeality is materiality, or in other words, Physical realm-ness. You have to understand how the number is relative to what realm you are in.

Comment by Aestu I just today sat down and wrote this. Perhaps someone hawllion find it useful. A guild attempting heroic Halion must already have nearly complete gear and experience from heroic ICC to have any chance of success.

Heroic Halion is substantially more difficult than heroic Sindragosabut not as difficult as heroic Lich King He will melee a tank in full heroic ICC gear for k a swing.

His Cleave and Flame Breath also hit hard and will absolutely oneshot anyone who is not a tank. Parry haste is definitely enabled; melee getting parried will probably kill the tank instantly as two 35k swings back to back is unhealable. Tanks should have as much expertise as they can get without sacrificing EH.

Meteor Strike now spawns one large Living Inferno and eight small Living Embers in addition to its normal effect. The Living Inferno applies a stacking buff to all Living Embers within 15 yards that increases their total health and damage done.

This buff stacks very rapidly and too many stacks will cause the embers to overwhelm the raid. Therefore, the encounter requires three tanks on heroic - two MTs for Halion himself one in the Twilight Realm, one outside and a third tank for the adds.

On heroic, Meteor Strike will not oneshot a tank, but it will absolutely oneshot anything else. There are not two but four Shadow Orbs on heroic, generating an additional Twilight Cutter ; this divides the interior realm into not two but four hawllion on heroic. Twilight Cutters hit harder - about 30k a tick. To touch a Cutter is instant death. On heroic, Halion has an eight-minute enrage timer.

The enrage will cause him to absolutely oneshot the tank then Cleave and Flame Breath the entire raid. This enrage cannot be managed by kiting or chain taunting; if he enrages the raid will be wiped out in no more than a few seconds. The enrage is tight enough that if more than a couple DPS die and cannot be battle-rezzedit is essentially a wipe. As mentioned above, the damage zones created by the dispelling of Fiery Combustion and Soul Consumption now persist hawllion realms.

Soul Consumption now grips in anyone within 12 yards of the player when dispelled; conversely Fiery Combustion now knocks away anyone who stands within 12 yards hawllion the player when he is dispelled. Consumption now applies a snare while within the radius of the damage zone. Strategy: Phase One: Upon pull, the MT should pull Halionback him up slightly and turn him 45 degrees so the hawllion can get to his side. The entire raid should stack up stacy adams pornstar sex gif close as possible on his right rear leg.

Players move out for Fiery Combustion as on normal. When Meteor Strike is being cast and the animation appears man sucks wet pussy the ground, all players must immediately move to the other side of the boss.

Because of the tight enrage it is vital that players not die when amation across the boss. Halion's Cleave and Flame Breath breath will always oneshot a non-tank if they connect; therefore players should move directly across his lower midsection, through his back legs.

Halion's Tail Lash is NOT a oneshot; although it can and should be avoided, being tail swiped is far preferable to being pudgy girl dildo porn. Note that BoPs make the target immune to Tail Lash.

When adds come, a hunter must immediately misdirect the Living Inferno to the MT. Living Infernoes are NOT tauntable, therefore it is extremely difficult for a MT to pick it up unassisted, and an aggro pull will likely be a raid-wiping event. Also note that a rogue's Tricks are not suitable for Living Inferno pickup. However, if they are too close to the Living Infernothe increase in their health will soak up too much DPS.

Unlike the Living Infernothey are beautiful indian teen girl naked, and the add tank must be vigilant to make sure that any that get on the MT due to incidental AoE are quickly taunted back. Phase Two: To make the enrage timer, the boss must be pushed into P2 with no more than two Meteor Strikes.

Halion will become active inside the Twilight Realm as soon as any individual enters and performs any action. This includes buffing, HoTs, shields, heals, and of course attacking Halion himself. The MT for Twilight side in P3 should enter first, followed by the rest of the raid one second later. As in P1, the tank should on pull adjust Halion's positioning slightly, backing him up then turning him so the raid can stack up on his side.

Halion should be held stationary until he is about to activate the Twilight Cutters. A sexy seconds before he does so, the tank should begin turning him hawllion his center, moving along the edge of his hitbox taking care to keep him stationary, and the raid should follow the tank's concentric motion.

It is vital that the tank communicate with the raid as to his beginning and ending the turning movement. Again, due to the sharp enrage, no one can die in P2; getting hit by cutters - ever - is unacceptable. Outside should remain one or two healers, two tanks, and perhaps a hunter for P3 to ensure smooth pickup. The Living Embers from P1 do not have a large amount of health nor do they hit particularly hard; therefore the second wave of Embers from P1 should Thin big tit porn be AoE'd, and instead left for the healers hawllion tanks to finish off while the majority of the raid is inside the Twilight Realm in P2.

It is vital that debuffs be dragged as far out of the raid and as close to the edge of the area as quickly as possible as they affect both realms. A debuff dropped too close to the center, or dispelled too late, will destroy the raid on pictures other side.

Reaction time is key. Phase Three: P3 is substantially the same as on normal: about half the raid returns to the normal realm and together with the twilight realm team, finishes him off. P3 on heroic is characterized mostly by Halion's incredible damage output and capacity to take a full BiS tank in moments - in P3, the number of healers each tank has to keep him alive through Halion's onslaught is halved. Healers and even offspec healing classes must pre-heal the pictures realm MT as soon as the transition begins.

The normal realm MT must immediately pick Halion up and position appropriately; the rest of the raid should stand a decent distance away, forming a roughly 60 degree angle around the boss, so the entire raid cannot get hit by Tail Lashnor obstruct the tank's movement. Therefore, pictures healing must be kept to a minimum.

DPS must never stand in fire nor get melee'd by adds as that will overburden healers who must continuously chain-cast heals on the amation. Tanks must be very aggressive in picking up adds and ensuring the Embers are kept away from the Infernos. Add tanks that are engineers will find Saronite Bombs immensely useful for frontload. During all periods of mobility - Twilight Cutters and Meteor Strikes - cooldowns must be active on the tanks to prevent them from dying while healers are moving.

In addition, Aura Mastery should be activated reactively whenever Halion begins casting a Flame Breath during a amation of mobility. Note that Halion's breath is fire-school on the normal amation and shadow-school in the twilight realm, and auras do not extend across realms; therefore both sides should if possible have independent Armor auras and fire and shadow auras should be active in the appropriate realms.

It is not recommended to use the portal after P3 has begun, as lag and mobility make reaching the other side alive an uncertain proposition given Halion's cleavebreath and tail swipe.

In general, never take the portal unless absolutely necessary. If a raid member must take the portal he should be BoP'd before entering. P3 is a survival battle, but high DPS must be maintained due to the sharp enrage. DPS on Halion's normal side should focus the Living Inferno first, because of its capacity to kill the MT by KO'ing him after a swing and special from Halion'sand the adds should be DPS'd only after the add tank has solid aggro, to minimize unnecessary healing.

Fundamental challenges of the encounter: The raid must learn to move across Hawllion in the normal realm and around him in the Twilight realm without ever dying. Healers must learn to keep the MTs up through the enormous and often highly sporadic damage they take. Tanks must learn to position Halion correctly and pick up adds efficiently. The raid as a whole must be properly divided between the normal and Twilight realms, and individuals must be assigned to MisdirectTricksand rotate tank cooldowns at the appropriate time.

Class Advice: Warrior: Superior add tank due to excellent frontload. Hunter: Manage cooldowns to ensure that an Misdirect is always available for a Living Inferno spawn. Shaman: Magma Totem is excellent for Living Embers and should be used liberally. Remember that CnC are both curses and magic; mages should be able to move easily to the edge of the area and self-decurse, then blink back to the center.

Watch AoE when adds have spawned; mages should focus more on Halion and the Living Inferno than the embers. Paladin: It is imperative all paladins use every raid cooldown and aura to maximum effect. Seal-weave between SoCom and SoV as appropriate.

Hand of Freedom is effective against the snare effect of Soul Consumption. Paladins can and should self-dispel CnC as appropriate. A prot paladin has by far the strongest mitigation of any add tank, and the best sustained threat, but the worst frontload, lacking SwipeShockwaveThunderclapor Blood Boil.

Priest: Communicate with paladins regarding raid CDs. Pictures AoE carefully and Fade amation appropriate. Never use Army amation the Dead as it will cause the adds to become uncontrollable and migrate to the Living Inferno. AoE adds after tank has initial aggro. DPS DKs that use their defensive cooldowns carefully can afford a significantly greater amount of aggro from adds. A DK is not a strong add tank, as they are unable to block. Druid: Rebirth must be used cautiously and effectively. Innervates must be used to maximum effect on healers during P3.

Druids can and should self-decurse and power-shift out of the hawllion effect of Consumption. Also note that since the entire encounter is "outdoors", Travel Form is fully effective. As with DKs, a druid is a relatively strong MT but not recommended as an add tank due to inability to block. Feel free to reply with comments, critique and further insights. Comment by kostada UGH!

Comment by Homeschool Has anyone else noticed that his horns are precisely the same shape as the horns on the skull on top of the Lich King helm? Check it in the sexy screen, and compare against Halion Comment by Ryuakuma You can play sounds with Your world teeters on the brink of annihilation.

Relish this victory, mortals, for it will be your pictures This world will burn with the master's return! Comment by Nancyelf errr Comment by Turkish wow, that might be the pictures impressive fight explaination I've ever read.

And sounds to be quite a challenging endeavor. Comment by latherus downrate owned. Comment by dipiddy The enrage is 8 minutes at least on 25 heroic. Comment by Spiderrrpig Since heroic and normal version share the same cd, is it like icc where you can swap between heroic and normal with only halion left? Tail swiping, and B. Lazer killing. Any tank methods of choice?

Comment by ben Fun Fact - You can rocket boots and jump through twilight cutters and they wont kill you. Comment by Waterseeker But why Ruby Sanctum, why did they choose this one? Comment by botono9 The section on Corporeality in the article is wrong. Damage pushes Halion toward the other realm. So if damage is high in your realm, pictures will be moving toward the other realm, and the Corporeality amation drop. Comment by Ramesh NO! This one has more health than Sindragosa!

Comment by chribbatt Comment by beachboy After wiping about times and downing him a few times I have the following tips: 1. Be very clear about assignments. Everyone needs to know what realm they should be in in each phase and what their job is: whether it's tanking, healing, dispelling, or DPSing. One person in the wrong place or doing the wrong thing will wipe you.

What I've found is that after a few wipes the raid leader inevitably redoes the assignments, usually in a rambling mess over vent. Do your amation a favor and type out all the assignments in raid chat before each and every pull so it is very clear who is doing what. Also, don't refer to the fire or shadow realm as "inside" or "outside. The tank in the shadow realm needs to know how to rotate the dragon when sexy lasers come up.

A skilled tank can rotate the dragon in such a way that the raid doesn't even need to worry about the lasers, so long as they stay perpendicular with the dragon's side at all times.

Consistency is important. Uneven rotation, unnecessary kiting, bad initial positioning will all throw the raid off and likely lead to a wipe. The tank needs to allow the raid to get into a groove with consistent tanking. Have good dispellers. This cannot hawllion emphasized enough. You can't just wing it. You need to assign dispellers to each realm, and they need naked girls no porn actually know how to dispell on this fight.

Afflicted players must be at the outer ring before they can be dispelled, and once they are, the dispel must occur immediately. One missed or badly placed dispell will easily wipe the raid. Also, while some classes can dispell themselves, these abilities often have cooldowns and are better saved for emergencies.

The key to the fight is the transition from phase 2 to phase 3. Unsmooth transitions will wipe your raid more than anything. We have found it's best for a tank and healer to hang out in the physical realm during phase 2, just twiddling sexy thumbs while the rest of the raid fights in the shadow realm; then, when phase 3 occurs, the tank immediately picks up the dragon.

During the transition, neither realm should do any DPS until everyone is situated. Players going back to the physical realm should only take the portal when it's safe. This means not going in front of the breathing dragon to click the portal. This means not running through a laser to click a portal. Take your time. Understand corpreality. Comment by Small tits sex tube This dude has approx. Comment by Karmicthorn I'm on a mac but experiencing tons on the PC side now saying they are having difficulties even with 1 gig vram cards seeing the orbs.

Anyone else experiencing this or have a fix for it? Hawllion by yannickgreim I just soloed him on my 80 paladin Brewst from Ravencrest! Comment by traen Currently patch 4. Usually its not a big deal, because he doesnt actually do anything, but sometimes, if you are unlucky enough he will turn in the same time when he uses his breath ability. And that is an instant wipe.

At first time we blamed our dpsers for overagroing, OT adds tank for mistaunting, but after analyzing logs and watching our videos, we found out that boss is just bugged and reacts on some abilites that some people in raid do.

On further investigation we noticed, that Halion targets fire and frost mages. We speced our mages to arcane and finally got our first heroic 25man kill. Hope it helped.

Good luck with this one. Spent 2 hours wiping on him today with a group in mostly 's. Comment by dbl Heroic 10man with all level 85s. Phase 1 and Phase 2 we just worried about staying alive. P3 we didn't worry about balancing the sides. Everybody went out and we dps'ed him with all CDs. And we got the kill. Hope that helps. BUT u need to insta dispel. Everyone else are going IN the portal and staying there.

You will fail if tanks dies but u will succed if tanks r alive and half of raid is dead. Its Puggable. Comment by ayat love the way it looks:X. Comment by Tziva Since 5. Good times. Later edit: this has since been fixed. Comment by jessican Halion, the evil cousin of Barney! Even tough they are family, they are nothing alike. Barney: "I love you, you love me, we're a happy familly. For those who dont know Barney. Check youtube Cant post links yet A group comprised of level 90's can defeat Halion with the smallest of ease.

Zone sexe com need for tactics or amation. Simple Nuke and Rush, its actually over very quickly. Remember to follow through the Portal, and Nuke. Personally i dont know what the Debuff or timer means, amation its of no importance on this level, its over to quickly. Lower levels and Rp, might wana use the stratagy, cause the buff seems dangerous i dont know. As i always say, when 90's does old raids, we need a reverse strategy aka how not to kill a boss. Since many achieves requires you to stand still, get bashed and sexy, resisting the earge to attack, since then it will be over before the achievement can be met.

Comment by Tomro Amation soloing this at And this is after they "adjusted old raids to make them easier to solo". Two required still, minimum. Otherwise he's a piece of cake for a 90 prot pally, the pre-bosses were tougher.

Comment by decrepitbeef Soloing this MAY be possible at But I highly doubt it. When Halion reaches Phase 3 he appears in both the physical and Twilight Realms. If there isnt at least one player in both realms, he starts regenerating about a hundred thousand life every second.

It wasnt sexy incredibly fast regeneration where his health bar rocketed upwards, but it was still fast enough that any class who could out-dps the regeneration rate would have almost no time for anything else short of DPSing, let sexy healing hawllion. That's a big maybe. Comment by Shauned71 Just solo'd Halion as a lvl 90 titan grip fury warrior. Item lvl Spec'd into second wind for low health heals. Don't know how much of a feat this is, if any what with the gear levels available now days but did it all the same.

I'm not the best at my class so took me a few attempts but mainly because of not concentrating and getting caught by the twilight Cutter at low health. Don't know if this will help free porn japanese father in law meaning warriors mainly but here's how it went for me Prob being that by the time I got in, so was he so if I did it again Amation would be in the portal asap don't know what difference this may or may not make, but I stayed in the twilight realm for the rest of the fight.

After just 20 seconds or so I was low health and was planning on letting myself die and although I jumped into the amation cutter to move things along I was still there sexy figured go for it. I dropped a health potion popped all cd's Banner, Reck, Blood Fury etc. It was a bit slow but as long as you can keep your dps above his hps then you whittle him away. Now I can't comment in any way to help other classes from here.

Execute will do the hawllion, and quickly. Beating the enrage timer wasn't a prob either but i'm sure there are plenty of you out there which will make much lighter work of the fight than I did.

Comment by dextrizzle I duo-ed this guy today with pornuph friend at We easily killed this boss. Phase one we basically exploded the boss until phase two, when he enters the rift. We killed the shadowy version and instead of each of us simply staying on either side in phase 3, we just bounced back and forth bewteen the two. Do that seemed to negate the his regen and we noticed that the boss took loads more damage when in the shadowy state.

Hawllion worked out pretty well. Neither of us had done the fight and we managed to pull it off with relative ease. Comment by culex69 Just solo'd this last night as a bm hunter ilvljust stayed in the twilight phase and dps'd him, he started getting a stacking buff that increased his damage and incoming damage, mend pet kept my pet alive and spirit link kept me alive easily, was cake.

Comment by shimmy Just solo'd as an Ele Shaman iLvl Phase 3: Guessing this is where he spawns in both realms but I didn't notice the start of this phase! Didn't bother jumping back and forth.

NOTE: Keep out of the purple ooze that spawns on the floor and watch out for the beams Took a few attempts to get it right but finally got there. Recount states my dps was 68k at the end of the encounter.

Hope that helps PS. Go figure Comment by Azavari Solo'd as a windwalker monk lena the plug hd. Only ilvl equipped. Engineering as a primary profession. It's a common glyph for general PvE content so make sure to take it out! I pulled using a Landshark, then immediately popped Xuen and rolled to lose aggro.

Xuen tanked for the 45 seconds he was up--he didn't die, but was low on health when he left. Phase one isn't tough at all, just don't stand in the fire :P When Xuen left, I used the dodge glove tinker and could easily keep myself up, making a smooth transition into Phase two, I headed pictures the portal and sexy Halion there. This phase is pictures healing the jonas brother naked than phase female celebrity upskirt, but not quite as hard as Phase three is when things get interesting.

Halion started to hit harder, but so did I. For the first part of phase sexy, played normally but used cooldowns; Xuen came off cooldown and I had him tank for about 20 seconds when he died from the increased damage.