Strange things women put in vaginas

Data from emergency room visits, pulled by the US Consumber Product Safety Commission, has revealed some of the strangest things doctors had to remove from vaginas in They can cause abrasions, disrupt the delicate bacteria balance of the vagina, cause prolapse, or lead to a nasty infection. However, all is not lost. There are some easy steps women can take to keep themselves healthy and happy below the belt.

Third, chow down on some yogurt, fermented vegetables and cheese. Finally, and most importantly, have plenty of sex.

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Read Next. But it hasn't been thoroughly studied either, and Gunter has doubts about the high levels of Rachel mcadams feet psychoactive component of marijuana that could be absorbed vaginally, she explains—that are recommended in order to actually give you some relief mg. So unless you're willing to risk a bout of not-so-fun yeast infections, just say no until there's more research on whether either product is actually effective—and safe.

Promoted as a product that will help you balance the pH levels in your vagina, internally cleanse translation: shed dead skinand "tighten up" down there, yoni sticks are made from ingredients like kaolin a mineral that originates from silicate rock and turmeric and If it's the tightening claim that piqued your interest, Gunter says "only potentially caustic agents—or drying ones—can give you the sensation of tightness, and those are harmful for the vagina.

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And those dead skin cells? Yeah, you don't need a stick for that either. That's why we have discharge, which is partly made up of cells. Intended to stay in the vagina for a maximum of 72 hours, companies producing " womb detox pearls " say they'll "cleanse the womb and return it to a balanced state Gunter says that keeping a foreign object in the vagina for more than eight hours—let alone three days—when it wasn't scientifically designed to be there like, for example, the NuvaRing is also likely to produce a foul odor, along with excessive discharge and sometimes even inflammation that could lead to bleeding and breaks in the walls of your vagina.

So congratulations, you just shoved wood and wasp spit into your vagina and you should feel bad. The only thing this will accomplish is possibly killing off good bacteria in your vagina while creating an opportunity for an infection. That thing that is protects us from dangerous UV rays is allegedly used as a way to cure cancer and yeast infections for women.

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As always, any good pseudoscientific product will purport to cure a wide range of diseases, despite not having any peer-reviewed research to support it. If there was a product that cured cancer or AIDS or any other currently incurable ailments, it would be international news and the creator would be collecting their Nobel Prize instead of trying to sell it on Facebook or Etsy.

The fact is, there are some things we do not have a known cure for, and there is no cover-up behind it. Jen Gunter — who very plainly says :.

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Some of the reasons include the potential for infection, abrasions to the sensitive tissue inside the vagina, and making a really odd tasting salad with a used cucumber. Apparently, some gals have been soaking tampons in yogurt and inserting them. The reason? They are using the dairy product in a bid to cure thrush. You see yogurt contains lactobacilli, and while lactobacilli is a bacteria that is good for your vagina and helps to treat thrush, the one found in yogurt is a different strain.

It's been somewhat of a myth for years now, with women believing that if they use natural sugarfree yogurt that their thrush would go away.

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This has to be one of the weirder ones but women have been known to pump toxic ozone gas into their vaginas. There's a wellness treatment doing the rounds where you insert a cannula into the vagina and pump ozone gas throughout. However, the Federal Drug Administration says that ozone gas is toxic and has emo teen pussy known useful medical application'.

Still weird and also possibly deadly: doctors have warned that it could have potentially fatal consequences should a bubble of the gas get into the bloodstream. This patient clearly had a sense of humor when she said, "You know, for when your husband leaves town.

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OK, so a penis ring with spikes on it, I get. Scented soap, I get. Even a sponge, I get! Honestly, I even sort of weirdly get headphones.