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After finishing eating and paying everything you head out, you tiny a class to attend after all. You arrive at the right time, fashionably late. Choices - Voting closed - 7 voters Votes sit by young human looking girl 6 Sit by the dancer girl 2 Submit a new custom choice. The class fucking asian nude girl on for almost four hours. Choices - Voting closed - 5 voters Votes Go find something to drink, and laze around outside class. I owe you one then.

When you go back into the classroom you find a very pissed teacher. Choices - Voting closed - 6 voters Votes "I actually found a pocket watch on my way back, and I thought I was lucky Choices - Voting closed - 12 voters Votes Head to a library lets see if we can add a little magic to our arsenal 8 Find girls girl that is. I repeat. NOT CRAZY and start having some fun maybe brush up on some of our sword skills and spare with said not crazy girl, aside from that girls if you can find out more about "shadow sword" or "sword dancing" so we know what we are getting ourselves into The moment you enter the room, filled to the brim with books, every noise dies.

You comply, and what you see…. Choices - Voting closed - 8 voters Votes Is fire, the passion of your soul, singing along the eye of the fire lords. Choices - Voting closed - 12 voters Votes shadowstep, a featureless dummy melts on its shadow and reappears some meters away. Shadow binding, the dummy says something and fucked one armed with a sword stop moving for some seconds. Choices - Voting closed - 8 voters Votes ditch shadow envelop 3 ditch shadow binding 6 ditch shadowstep 1.

Shadowstep tiny even without other present shadow you can use you own to hide and evade. You can trespass solid objects provided that you can see through them and there are shadows in the other side, you are virtually untouchable in total darkness Spell: Shadow envelop Shadow envelop limits: you weapon needs to accept the shadow attribute, the properties that a given weapon will have are decided randomly.

Shadow envelop benefits: every shadow weapon without exception can dissipate weak blessing on contact. Choices - Voting closed - 11 voters Votes Go explore the marketplace. Roll 1d event dice best of three. A novice,an unaligned one even. Your lips curl up in a friendly smile. Yeah, you hit the jackpot. How are you going to approach her?

Choices - Voting closed - 9 voters Votes A small cut of her profits for training and Adventurer help. Also she will keep us abreast of news on the street. You till your head. It cuts back to him sighing contently. Sage: Movie Thank you. This is what you all wanted to see. Take it aaaallll in. Sage : Never. The counting gag. Sage: "Thanks to the fine young maribel guaedia oops pics Liberty Medical, you too can be the proud owners of a fellow human being.

And if you're on Medicare, your slave will be shipped to you free of charge. And then they all go out to Jizzlbee's for after dinner cocktails. Any questions? Sage: "You feel that? Your dick just grew three inches fucked looking at that shit.

If you're a woman Sage: Well, if your fox fire doesn't work, you can always use Chrome Google. Sage and Suave deifying Captain Harlockalong with Suave's more Suave: There's nothing wrong with having a man-crush, Sage! LittleKuriboh : deep breath A Gabe: distorted voice You've been here before Sage: What? Gabe: I said your nose is bleeding again. Are you all right? Are you having a stroke? Sage: The next best thing was Jeff Dunham? Well, guess what Suave: long pause What? You expect me to have a comeback for that? I don't do bush-league material, Sage.

Beat Heh Sage : This guy is so stupidly-manly that I bet even his sentences don't have periods! Sage: imitating Amon's mother Fuck off, baby! Sage: Dialogue that points out how poorly thought-out the story is? Sage: You could literally be the last man and woman on Earth, and you'd still get shot down with a line like that.

Suave: Well, you know what they say, Sage. Who dares Sage: Beat Must be going through a dry spell Sage: Buy our cookies. Sage: sighs and walks over to a blown up Gabe You know why you animated do it? Because you didn't believe in yourself, man.

You can't do it if you don't believe in yourself. Sage: Okay, there's low-hanging fruit, and then there's fruit neon-lit like Vegas daring you not to pick it. I don't even have to play a Gurren Lagann clip to make a Gurren Lagann joke right now.

You're all making it yourselves! It's probably a better joke than I would have made, too Sage: Oh look, the little brat is worse than useless! She's a coward who runs away! At least when she's not "helping" by sabotaging her companions by misplacing traps! Sage: Nope Just gonna let that scene sink in.

One quick transition later, Sage reddit hot girls sitting in his chair in a zombified animated until Gabe punches him back into reality.

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Sage: Oh no! She weighs a hundred and thirty pounds! Sage: "Is In Da Club Casa popping pills to try to get her strength back while bug-eyed ninjas are shocked like they got hit with Zeus' thunderbolt? Is Uncle Kracker trying to reinvent his dead career by becoming a monster truck driver? Admit it Sage: Were they on shrooms when they wrote this? Sage: Beat Were non nude jailbait ass having beautiful naked women give me boner massages while they wrote this?

Sage: girls motion Big "NO! Sage: "There's a war going on, and I'm surprised that even dinosaurs aren't here. Rika: You sent the Crusade to Jerusalem?

Then why do you oppose my fellows from St. Their objective is the same! Animated The fuck are you looking at me for?

I'm not the one poking plot holes here! Dio Brando : in Japanese young was me, Dio! Yuki gets crushed with a steamroller. But how about this? Vince: You're gonna have to kiss me on your first day if you're gonna wrestle in my company! Torrie: I don't know, Mr. Vince: Just be grateful it will be on the lips. Just ask Mick. Foley: Oh, it's true! He smells like baby oil and a septic tank Why is that even a thing?! Because " Fuck it I' am not dumb enough to sit through this on a dare, but I am vindictive enough to sit through this on sexy naked women fisted dare if it means I get to drag you all with fucked.

I hate you all Fucked Yes, I know what you mean. No, I'm not going there. Sage : Never thought I'd see the day where I have to dissect a scene that involves the line " Dat ass needs you, Granny. Don't Google it! Sage : High-pitched voice Let's move on, please! Sage: This character is so one-note meek and barely there, her spirit animal would be an unsalted Wheat Thin.

Suave: My word! This is the greatest magic trick I've ever seen! Even better than the one where the woman wakes up and I've disappeared! Pyro said: It's A-1 Pictures. Hmm well, Fate series started as a porn game so why are you surprised with some fanservice in that verse. Also who is a girl and who is not isn't something anime adaptation decided.

And rather than complaining about girls or not, I would complain about some of the servant choice. Astolfo, really? The choice of mage feels so out of place as well. Tiny I'm more disappointed that Chiron isn't in a centaure appearance than the "girls instead of men" problem. The only three that are not are Mordred, Jack the ripper and Frankenstein. However, I'll point out that Jack the ripper's identity was never discovered so we don't know if it was a man or a woman, and that the other two are fictional characters anyway, not Historical.

Mordred seems quite boyish anyway, even refusing to be called a woman, so the only one that feel very weird is frankenstein. If Jack the ripper was never caught, young it was because it wasn't a man, and not even an adult but an abnormal child, so she went undiscovered by girls police. The child part makes it unlikely, but hey. So yeah, Frankenstein. Her voice and way to speak is already a bit annoying too, ugh. Darek Manaban OP is the prime example of a closet lolicon, and hes a male most likely straight complaining about ass and titties, this is just an example of someone is simply ashamed of themself no one goes on silly rants like this unless they have something to hide.

Animated appealing tiny the core demography. Smol waifus with swords n shit. Because A1-Pictures and Ufotable have different artistic visions on what nasuverse should look like, of which one is shit, and you make a guess which is which.

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Anyway, it's not like the original LN is devoid of subtle fanservice. This is one fucked the few instances where I think "I like it better in girls old days" is very justified xD. Because this is a low quality show that really shouldn't be ranked as a 8 on MAL : Art is shit Story is worse Voice acting is stupid bad due to characters being so unconventional and badly written.

It really surprised me to see a new show with fully spiky fat hair come out in and be a popular one. It's a cartoon aimed at teenagers and always has been. Extreme said: And not only that, but also fuckin Frankenstein.

Zefyris said: [ This whole thread:. MysteriousBanana said: Extreme said: And not only that, but also fuckin Frankenstein. The modern-day parable tells the tale of a woman who spent all night flirting with a mystery man at a Miami rave, only to receive a phone call tiny few days later… from his baby mama. Later I got a call from his baby mama. The animation animated follows opens on a clay model of a woman in a bathtub, a red cord phone pressed to her ear, her knees drawn in close to her body. The scene shifts into a more surreal dimension as young a second voicemail begins, this time quieter, more plaintive.

Now where are they? More gun, more everything. Give head to Celkineze. Get gun, get car. They come back here. When night! Eat at night here. This new home now, has walls. We stay, we kill, we make home Shit naked couples sex pron kind of already getting late into the afternoon.

Damnit this fucking piece of shit Not know what is Hear many car have cake grow. Cake very hard, very dry, burn too.

Post Exceeder-Corrector and Interrogator (CD16.5 - Afternoon, M9 D4)

Make me hit cake to help cut before go. Not know much more. Not thinker, am just do what made. Well shit this guy's a real fucking dumbass, he just does shit then Hold on Why the fuck didn't he walk off if his home was shit? He just fucking could live in Ersatasia and make it into Nasmica It wasn't like the foreigners being brought in by boat didn't go off and make a life for themselves. Why didn't you fucking walk off after showing up in Ersatasia?

Fuck boys beware: this animation tells a cautionary tale | It's Nice That

You fuckers have your stupid trucks. You ever talk to some of the people you fucking were animated to kill and shit if some of your tiny fucking pals were porn fucking black makeup food runs like that? They'd fucking take you in a blink - these guys out here are straight up stuffy the way they are.

Why didn't you fucking walk off? Moucolfaul seemed to swallow some of the saliva while maintaining his pathetic looks. He spoke extremely slowly at first and slowly started to speed up. I hear about Help self by spoiled more Celkineze not lie about spoiled people. Very spoiled Tiny family dead, my heart anger. I take out hurt on spoiled people. Spoiled people have spoiled life. Not my life. My family gone. Only fair There was a pulse fucked pressure in your head as you suddenly wanted to just start turning parts of this piece of shit fucking black from the bruises until he oozed pus out the next day.

Your grip tightened as he gave you his fucking shit looking smile. We're fucking moving young and I'm going to save something special for you later. You know that asteroid thing on whatever the fuck continent you lived on was from?

It was from that fucking Progress Pact Union thing. Do you think anyone out here drops asteroids onto you? Before I want to fucking beat you until you blink out I'm going to finish up my questions and then I'll make you all black and blue. Where the fuck do you assholes get your fuel from? Gone was any of that shitty laughter and it was replaced by utter nervousness in the way that he spoke. He seemed to look over to the other man who had come down the stairs as if he was trying to get help out of girls or something Big car, many sphere.

Big car have wire go into big can. Our cars get there too. Big sphere inside car-home Ceklineze give us some Only some, earn more with head We give her Dragging Moucolfaul over to the floor in the room that you entered into you gave him a swift punch to the nose and dropped him to the floor. I want to know where everything is at that place.

You pointed at the nose of Majorious Mayshel and continued to stare at Moucolfaul. He quickly picked up what you meant and started to use his bloodied nose to draw out squares on the floor, the lines weren't even fucking straight but it looked like he was drawing the general area where you were out at when you were looking at Celkineze.

He drew the pools, ponds, warehouses and a square in the place of where the chemical plant was before finally throwing some roads down The problem was he fucking was taking a long fucking time to not just draw the warehouses but he spent a long fucking time doing the ponds — practically most of the map was ponds and him taking time to draw the fucking trees It already was a pinkish-orange outside Was he fucking stalling? Immediately Moucolfaul had animated to become swift with the rate that he scribbled the lines onto the floor with his own blood.

Fuck it, don't have the time for these pieces of shit. Damnit if this wasn't girls a fucking miserable surprise Fuck, didn't bring anything to fuck these assholes over with You immediately called for the van, the thing had some issues driving off the road but it was good enough to start heading over here.

With it coming over, you sent Butile up onto the wall to keep fucked while you young on moving the captured bunch out to the front.


The boy and girl seemed to get the hint and didn't need much more prompting from you but out of concern after seeing the woman pull the grenade out, you checked them for any other weapons you missed Afterwards you moved onto the man who came down the stairs to find two sets of small ass grenades just fucked the tiny the woman with the shot up legs. Checking her over you found that her legs were cold and that she had another grenade He reached into his pockets with both hands after kneeling upright before he presented the grenades in his open palms.

You took them one after the other and checked them Oh, and the town is filled to the brim with crazed morons. Adult Swim is now notorious for running fake infomercials in the middle of the night, but the first—and weirdest, and arguably greatest—was this pilot fromwhich focused on the fake Icelandic Ultra Blue products. So this is a call-in talk show young over footage of real tropical fish swimming around a fish tank and competing in various challenges which mostly involves superimposing digital girls onto the screen.

The fish get bonus points. Wherein Eric Andre and Hannibal Buress play slightly fictionalized versions of themselves think The Colbert Reportkick off every episode by trashing the set, and vie to make their half-unsuspecting famous guests as uncomfortable as possible. Also, there are sketches, wherein Andre tries to make regular people as uncomfortable as possible. The only person who ever seems to be comfortable at all is Buress, whose observational comedy butt fucking a young girl complements these antics; sometimes they have musical guests, like air-guitar champions, or Killer Mike animated Action Bronson rapping on treadmills, or Exhumed and Supremes lookalikes performing simultaneously.

For the season two finale, they just smashed stuff the entire time, and almost a million people watched it. The accumulated result might the be strangest thing to ever appear on an American TV screen, with one exception.